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Inside Croydon is not “top-down” journalism or politics, where we try to tell you what to think.

It is a forum for people who live or work in and around Croydon to exchange views and ideas about what affects their lives.

You can post a comment on any of the stories posted on the blog. You will need a WordPress log-in; we will not accept anonymous postings or comments from anyone using an obviously false email identity (although in cases where a commenter wishes to maintain some confidentiality, we may withhold the name of a poster or source).

By having a comment section, we provide all readers with a near-immediate “right of reply”, something which is not an option in traditional newspapers.

We welcome comments from all sections of society, and of varied opinion. Debate – by its very definition – requires disagreement. So we will always welcome divergent views and we encourage people to express where they agree and disagree with others.

But do not confuse the notion of “freedom of speech” with some misguided idea that you can write anything without any responsibility – you cannot.

Inside Croydon, as publishers of this site, carry the responsibility for what is published. Comments don’t appear until they have been moderated. We will not allow comments that are abusive, defamatory, racist or sexist. Or palpably untrue. We will not publish comments which are deemed gratuitous or threatening, and reserve the right to ban those who make such comments.

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