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Council spends £200,000 on dropped kerbs in flood-risk area

Senior Conservative politicians have ordered Croydon Council staff to cold-call house-holders in a marginal ward to offer to build dropped kerbs with a hefty discount provided on the rates. At the same time that council staff and the emergency services … Continue reading

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Bishop rejects rhetoric which blames asylum seekers

JONATHAN CLARK, the Bishop of Croydon, in his Easter message, says that we should be trying to help asylum-seekers and those on benefits One of things that really concerns me in our country is that we have started to load … Continue reading

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Radio station accused of deceit over inclusion of NF guest

Figures from a range of political parties are accusing Croydon Radio of deceiving them over the inclusion of local fascist Tony Martin in an “election special” aired last night. Andrew Pelling, the former Croydon MP who presented a midweek show … Continue reading

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Residents appear helpless to halt the ‘Curse of Coulsdon’

Ignored and unheeded, the residents of Coulsdon appear to have few options in their opposition to aspects of the Cane Hill housing development, writes ANDREW PELLING None of the Conservative party’s six Coulsdon councillors attended Friday’s Community Centre meeting, which … Continue reading

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Seven Tory MPs deliver leaflet critical of Conservative council

ANDREW PELLING reports on an extraordinary election leaflet from Addiscombe Tory candidates which criticises the “current” Conservative Town Hall regime It is a sign of just how short of activists the political parties are these days. Last week Croydon Central … Continue reading

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Public only get to peek in at the uncertain Palace plans

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Nearly a year on since Boris Johnson stood on the terracing of the old Crystal Palace to announce a £500 million “investment” and the handing over of a significant chunk of public property to a Chinese developer, there’s … Continue reading

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Town Hall bruiser Thomas, lies and a Tory power struggle

Inside Croydon editor STEVEN DOWNES on another demoralising three hours of his life that he will never get back – spent at last night’s council budget meeting Croydon Tories, who have been in charge of the council for eight years, … Continue reading

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“Cheap” Hoar is now taking a fracking liberty in Waddon

Senior Croydon Conservative councillor Simon “I’m Cheap But I’m Not Free” Hoar says he “doesn’t see anything wrong” with  allowing oil and gas multi-nationals to drill under people’s homes with exploratory fracking. Prime Minister David Cameron fired the starting gun … Continue reading

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Philp backs calls for more questions over Croydon PCT

Chris Philp, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Croydon South, used the platform of a local debating society this week to call for greater accountability over the mysteriously vanishing £27 million of public cash from Croydon’s former NHS Primary Care Trust. … Continue reading

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Join the debates at Coulsdon and Purley society’s 2014 dates

Chris Philp has won his first public ballot in Croydon South: at a local debating society on Monday night. “Fickle” Philp is the millionaire donor to the Tory party who was recently selected as Conservative parliamentary candidate for Croydon South, … Continue reading

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Candidate Philp features in Coulsdon debate with Pelling

The Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society begins its 2014 programme on Monday evening by pitching Chris Philp, the newly selected Conservative parliamentary candidate for Croydon South, against Andrew Pelling, the former Tory and Independent MP for Croydon Central who is … Continue reading

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Boris, the NFL, libraries and precious crockery: iC’s 2013

As we approach 2014 and all that may have to offer, here’s the 10 most-read iC articles of 2013 – an eclectic mix of politics, exclusive news stories, sport, arts reviews and controversy. With more than half a million page views … Continue reading

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Tory councillor Hilley jumps ship before 2014 elections

It was Enoch Powell who said that all political careers end in failure. In the case of Croydon councillor Clare Hilley, that failure has just come a little sooner than she might have hoped. The Waddon Tory will not be … Continue reading

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Top candidates provide Croydon with chance of fresh start

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Our mole in the local Conservative Association’s headquarters in Purley cannot be identified – they don’t wish to risk being seated on top of the local Rotarians bonfire next week. But they have been very impressed by the … Continue reading

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Just 53 attend Taberner House sham consultation sessions

There’s a public consultation going on over Croydon Council’s plans to build four new tower blocks on the site of Taberner House, including building out on to the Queen’s Gardens public park space. Who knew? As we have highlighted many … Continue reading

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