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UnConnected Croydon where cycle lanes become dead ends

CROYDON COMMENTARY: AUSTEN COOPER, of Croydon Cyclists, responds to our exclusive report last week that a single night’s bike racing in the town centre is receiving £148,000 of public cash The £50 million spent by Connected Croydon on ripping up … Continue reading

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Is it jobs for the boys as Shawcross stands down at City Hall?

Amid all the fuss this time last week about the withdrawal from the Labour leadership contest of the only south London candidate, Chuka Umunna, the news of another leading figure from the same party standing down from the political fray … Continue reading

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Labour council spends £148,000 for one night of cycle racing

Austerity? Government grant cuts? Front-line council jobs under threat? On yer bike! Here in Croydon, under our flip-flopping Labour-lite council, we are spending nearly £150,000 of public cash for a couple of hours of sport next month. Croydon town centre … Continue reading

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TfL’s £48m loop schemes could break the link in Tramlink

Transport for London seems determined to double the cost of new Tramlink loops in the centre of Croydon – to around £48 million of public cash – and all at the behest of local council planners who want to reduce … Continue reading

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Police drop case against Croydon protester who ‘burned’ Boris

The use of the nation’s police for political ends is nothing new – anyone who lived through the Miners’ Strike in the 1980s, or has at least watched Billy Elliott and looked beyond the dance scenes, will have some idea … Continue reading

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A letter for all Londoners – from Christian Wolmar

CHRISTIAN WOLMAR is seeking selection as Labour’s candidate to be the next Mayor of London. This is his open letter to all Londoners following Thursday’s General Election Regardless of how you voted, the election was a shocking result. Not even … Continue reading

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Bogus Barwell’s donors include exiled oligarch and NHS seller

Having flagged up Bogus Barwell, the millionaire developers’ best mate, news reaches us of the donors who have contributed thousands of pounds to his “Don’t Mention the Tories” campaign to hang on to his parliamentary seat in Croydon Central. These … Continue reading

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Bogus Barwell shows his true colours as millionaires’ mate

Who do you want your MP to represent after being elected on Thursday? Do you want them to go to Westminster to represent you? Or do you want them to provide more support for multi-million pound property speculators? STEVEN DOWNES, … Continue reading

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Secretive incinerator scheme is a bad deal, say Sutton Tories

There are other Sutton LibDem councillors who, like Nick Mattey, believe that there are serious flaws in the secretive £1 billion scheme to build an industrial incinerator at Beddington Lane, according to Tim Crowley, the leader of the opposition Conservative … Continue reading

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Community rallies to support Norwood Junction cafe owner

Cafe Basmaccino, which has been serving teas, coffees and refreshments to long-suffering commuters at Norwood Junction for the past nine years, could be forced to close on Tuesday, as its landlords, LOROL – London Overground, a subsidiary of Transport for … Continue reading

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Things are still spinning entering final week of campaign

Bob Dylan, John Cleese and Glenda Jackson’s son having an orgasm (not a pretty thought): JOHN BRAGGINS takes a more careful look at what some pollsters and pundits have been passing off as fact as we enter the final week … Continue reading

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Cameron hammers home why Croydon Tories can’t be trusted

Was this morning in Croydon the point where David Cameron finally, fully, exposed himself for being full of the Bullingdon bogusness as the majority of the country has suspected for a decade? Because only a 9-carat Old Etonian bullshitter would … Continue reading

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Mayoral contender calls for review of incinerator schemes

A leading contender for selection by Labour to run for the Mayor of London next year says he will ask whoever is the Environment Secretary in the new Government to conduct an urgent review of all waste incinerator schemes planned … Continue reading

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Duppas Hill Park looks set to make way for new Bee road

The world of unreality that is inhabited by Croydon’s Labour-run council was evident once again in a report to Monday’s council meeting from Kathy Bee, the cabinet member in charge of the borough’s transport. It was just like 1984 all … Continue reading

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Gaffe-prone Gav takes Boris to 1-star caff for slap-up meal

In all her 60-plus years as Queen, Her Maj has never allowed the cameras in to formal dinners to record her eating. Those who have witnessed it claim she has all the table manners of Henry VIII, troughing it in … Continue reading

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Thwarted ZhongRong’s Tory peer is now backing Barwell

Might the Chinese industrialists and their Tory backers who wanted to privatise  Crystal Palace Park on the cheap now be eyeing the main chance in Croydon instead? Inside Croydon poses the question after Lord Bates, the Tory peer who helped … Continue reading

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Wandle Park gets £58,000; Waddon park bulldozed with £87m

There’s something bittersweet about the announcement this week that Croydon Council has been awarded £58,800 from City Hall towards the cost of improving pedestrian and cycling access to Wandle Park. Sweet, because it is a cause that Inside Croydon’s loyal … Continue reading

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£50m deal clears away last objectors to Westfield supermall

Hammersfield – the “Croydon Partnership” formed between shopping mall developers Hammerson and Westfield – will pay out around £50 million to buy-out the irritatingly persistent minority owners of the freehold and managers of the Whitgift Centre, whose legal challenges and … Continue reading

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Bromley goes public on ZhongRong’s 500-year Palace dynasty

Bromley Council has published explosive correspondence to expose how the ZhongRong Group, the Chinese company to which London Mayor Boris Johnson wanted to hand a large chunk of Crystal Palace Park, were demanding to takeover half of the public park … Continue reading

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Gove joins Barwell’s ‘Don’t mention the Tories’ campaign

At least Gavin Barwell, the MP for the Whitgift Foundation, is consistent in one respect. Barwell has just endured what he described as “a difficult week”, following his starring role on the front page of the Evening Boris for asking … Continue reading

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