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Creasy gives up her pay rise as an example to Croydon MPs

Now here’s an idea for this kinder, gentler era of politics: Croydon’s three MPs could ask their constituents how to use the money from their recent pay hike – up 10 per cent, now at £74,000 per year for back … Continue reading

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Cameron’s kicked Croydon’s homeless in the teeth, says Butler

David Cameron’s announcement this week that developers will no longer have to provide “affordable” homes (in the sense that the homes are marginally less overpriced than what the speculators might wish) is “another nail in the coffin for social housing”, … Continue reading

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MP Reed ‘committed’ to funding for Upper Norwood Library

Steve Reed OBE, the MP for Croydon North, has sent the Save the Upper Norwood Library campaign a supportive message as the campaigners try to stop the “decommissioning” of their library services as part of Lambeth Council’s scheme to close … Continue reading

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Colour-coded divisions over Black History Month events

It surely cannot be deliberate, since Croydon Council’s press and publicity department is too ham-fisted to organise itself so well. But if anyone ever wanted a demonstration of how we live in a divided borough, then they need only refer … Continue reading

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Coulsdon residents demand Philp delivers new primary school

Chris Philp, Croydon South’s new MP – and a man who sits on a platform with The Taxpayers’ Alliance where one of their number seriously advocates that the Tory government should cut pensioners’ benefits because many affected would “not be … Continue reading

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Croydon’s ‘independent’ state school that still sets the 11-plus

Education correspondent GENE BRODIE on how selection in our schools has never really gone away Did you know that the 11-plus is alive and thriving in a Croydon state school? Many of the Year 6 pupils who prepared diligently for … Continue reading

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Goldsmith selection pits Old Etonian against bus driver’s son

WALTER CRONXITE drills into the numbers to show that 70 per cent in a selection vote is not always an overwhelming mandate So the third Mayor of London will be either the son of a Tooting bus driver, or a … Continue reading

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Black mark for Morgan as his bogus identity gets found out

Coulsdon’s one-man motoring campaign could soon find it more difficult to use false identities online to pursue his own vested interests, as our transport correspondent, JEREMY CLACKSON, reports Last night, he was spotted at a public meeting in Lambeth, discussing … Continue reading

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Read all about it: from UKIP to refugees, Boxpark to crocuses

These are the stories which most-grabbed the attention of Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader in September 2015… 1, UKIP supporters to face demands for legal costs from council After staging a takeover of the CCC “community” group, local UKIPpers and right-wingers may … Continue reading

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Restaurateur who underpaid staff is short-listed for award

Croydon’s Labour-run local council is backing “business excellence” awards tonight at which one of the entries short-listed for a prize is a woman who has been prosecuted for failing to pay her workers the legal minimum wage. When campaigning in … Continue reading

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Snubbed again, McKenzie fails to make UKIP’s first XI

There must be an election coming up: Croydon’s serial political loser, Winston McKenzie, has been on the telly again. Not that his latest incoherent appearance did McKenzie any good, because UKIP managed to snub him over selections as their candidate … Continue reading

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Long overdue that councillors take charge at our councils

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Our report last week about a controversial meeting between Sutton Council’s chief executive and one of the borough’s councillors annoyed our loyal reader ARNO RABINOWITZ. But he was not surprised There’s a terrifying tendency, not only in Croydon … Continue reading

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As Newman ‘celebrates’, Whitgift workers fret over future

The £1bn Hammersfield supermall may prove to be regenerative for Croydon’s economy. Once it is built. But as STEVEN DOWNES reports, uncertainty over development timescales is blighting existing businesses The start of building work on the redevelopment of Croydon town … Continue reading

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Trustees abandon free school plan for Crystal Palace Park

Controversial plans to build a free school in the middle of a Grade II-listed public park have been abandoned. The Crystal Palace Primary School wanted the public to pay for its buildings in the middle of the south London park, … Continue reading

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A riverside tale of rats, water voles and another Viridor grant

WALTER CRONXITE on the latest political defection in south-west London, and the influence it may yet have over Viridor’s role with the Beddington incinerator So the Liberal Democrats have reached the final day of their annual conference in Bournemouth, with … Continue reading

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Tory MP Philp is quick to curry favour with local party donor

Here in Croydon in 2015, it is still not what you know, but who you know that counts. What other conclusion can any reasonable person reach from discovering that Chris Philp, Croydon South’s new MP, has nominated the Royal Tandoori … Continue reading

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Green Berry could hold balance in race for London Mayor

Sian Berry could be the model political candidate. Today, the Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor has declared that she would withdraw nearly £650,000 of City Hall funding from London Fashion Week if the organisers do not reform their use … Continue reading

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Londoners left to count the cost of part-time Tory Mayor

The announcement over the weekend that London’s fleet of Boris Buses are to have windows retro-fitted to their upper decks, because the air-conditioning in the £350,000-a-time Roastmasters has never worked, offers as good a reason as any for our Transport … Continue reading

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Pidgeon plucked as Mayoral candidate from flock of one

The Labour Party has selected its candidate, voting is on-going for the Tories, and down in Bournemouth, where the FibDems annual conference is being staged in a telephone box, Caroline Pidgeon is rehearsing her pitch for London Mayor. The General … Continue reading

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The 2015 Garbage Gallery: Have the bin men been?

SEP 19 UPDATE: There is a problem for Croydon’s Labour-run council. Having got elected to the Town Hall in 2014 on a platform that promised to clean-up the borough of the blight of fly-tipping, it’s becoming increasing clear that, however … Continue reading

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