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Croydon’s rubbish council: the 2014 Garbage Gallery

APRIL 23 UPDATE: “Have you reported it to the council”, is the favoured refrain of Conservative candidates for the local elections when residents have the (perceived) audacity even to mention the wretched state of Croydon’s streets. It’s a ploy to … Continue reading

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Tea-time leaflet leaves Easter egg over faces of Waddon Tories

Direct from an election meeting where the most impressive thing was Eddie Izzard’s new glasses, WALTER CRONXITE, our man on Katharine Street with the rolled up copy of the local free paper and an e-cigarette tucked behind his ear, reports … Continue reading

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Greens hold back from promising to scrap £1bn incinerator

The Green Party launched its local election manifesto for Croydon yesterday, confirming that it will field a full slate of 70 candidates across the whole of the borough. The Greens seem poised to benefit on voting day next month from … Continue reading

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Council spends £200,000 on dropped kerbs in flood-risk area

Senior Conservative politicians have ordered Croydon Council staff to cold-call house-holders in a marginal ward to offer to build dropped kerbs with a hefty discount provided on the rates. At the same time that council staff and the emergency services … Continue reading

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Newman struggling to keep team singing from same songsheet

WALTER CRONXITE, our man in the public gallery with a Yorkie bar in his pocket and a copy of the local free paper under his arm, analyses the real story behind yesterday’s headlines Divided parties rarely win elections. The tensions … Continue reading

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Scrap council cabinet and councillors’ allowances, says TUC

Croydon’s trade unionists have issued a 10-point challenge to all candidates standing in the local elections next month, and presented their traditional allies in the Labour Party with a significant problem, daring them to oppose outright all further cuts in … Continue reading

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Planning chief: ‘I don’t know how long Whitgift will be closed’

The lack of clarity over the immediate future of the Whitgift Centre was compounded yesterday when a council director called in certain sections of the local media to provide an on-the-record briefing to contradict the information she had herself provided … Continue reading

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Time to close Croydon Council’s Private Members’ Club

Reduce the number of councillors in Croydon Town Hall and save at least £1m over four years, Inside Croydon suggested this week. DAVID ASTON, candidate in Ashburton for UKIP, here says it is wrong for part-time  councillors to be paid … Continue reading

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Councillors get two months off to work out what they stand for

WALTER CONXITE, our man with a dog-eared copy of the local free paper and a part-eaten Yorkie bar, offers his pre-Grand National pin-stickers’ guide to the likely outcome of May’s local elections Croydon’s councillors, all 70 of them who between … Continue reading

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What Barwell fails to tell you and the myths of Council Tax

This is the level of political “frankness” we can expect in the coming weeks. Tim Donovan, BBC London’s political editor, asked his studio guest on Sunday whether he was “worried” by UKIP in Croydon. “Yes and no,” came the reply … Continue reading

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Council allowances and local politicians’ secret consensus

CROYDON COMMENTARY: There’s one cut-back our Town Hall politicians won’t make, writes STEVEN DOWNES Here’s a proposal you will not find in any party’s local election manifesto – if Croydon’s Tories ever get round to publishing a statement of policies … Continue reading

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Bashford blames council official for £20,000 taps fiasco

So, who is responsible for decisions taken by Croydon’s Conservative-run council? Not senior councillors, if a recent “Nuffink to do wiv me, guv” email from Sara “Book Token” Bashford, the £43,339 per year part-time Tory cabinet member, is anything to … Continue reading

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Snap! Croydon Tories use same leaflet graphics as council

They look very similar. Less than two months before the local elections, and now Croydon Council – which is supposed to be neutral in the political bickering – is issuing official literature, all paid for by your Council Tax, that … Continue reading

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The Budget: We’re worse off under Tories, says Tory council

In the same week that Gideon Osborne delivered his condescending “Beer and Bingo” Budget, Croydon Council has delivered official leaflets to all households in the south London borough which underlines quite how much worse off we all are under the … Continue reading

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Rubbish piles up on our streets as council keeps spinning

We had barely pressed the publish button on our latest fly-tipping report than the Sage of Waddon, Arfur Towcrate, was posting to Twitter another example of how the state of Croydon’s streets is utterly rubbish:

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