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Fairness Commission provides Blue Labour with opportunity

The consequences of the General Election result continue to roll out. Such as: What does Croydon’s Labour-run council do with its very Ed Miliband-esque Fairness and Opportunity Commission? “Fairness” is so redolent of the Milband era, it appears that Croydon’s … Continue reading

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All too quiet about Quietway closures on Norbury Avenue

Once the school run was over yesterday morning, official-looking blokes wearing hi-viz jackets blocked off a one-mile stretch of a suburban street in Croydon. It’s a new “Quietway” on Norbury Avenue. Which might explain the near-silence from Croydon Council about … Continue reading

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Ash to ashes: unions boycott UKIP-dominated talking shop

Croydon’s trades unionists are being asked to boycott all future meetings of the “Croham Clux Clan” – what presents itself as a community talking shop sometimes also known as the Croydon Communities [sic] Consortium, or CCC. This follows an order … Continue reading

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Bollards! Latest crash underlines danger on Grange Road

Further proof of the need for better enforced speed controls on key routes through Croydon was delivered by another out-of-control motorist on the eve of the end of the council’s 20mph consultation. Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader sent us this picture, … Continue reading

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Architects’ top work goes on display in Fishers’ Folly

Fisher’s Folly, the Croydon Council office building on Mint Walk sometimes called Bernard Weatherill House, is hosting a special exhibition of the best of architecture from Sutton, Bromley and Croydon over the next fortnight. This first competition has been organised … Continue reading

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Borough police chief tells officers not to attend CCC events

Croydon’s police have been instructed not to attend further meetings of the controversial Croydon Communities [sic] Consortium. The order comes from the Borough Commander, Andy Tarrant, and has occurred in the midst of CCC being involved with a series of … Continue reading

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Ping! Croydon tables summer-long scheme to deliver a smash

A sports participation project has been launched in Croydon today, with a massive Ping! Launched this lunchtime with a session in the Whitgift Centre, there are now 15 table tennis tables sited around the borough (though only one in the … Continue reading

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Coulsdon roads campaigner Morgan is kicked out of UKIP

To be kicked out of one right-wing party is unfortunate. But Coulsdon agitator Peter Morgan has now been expelled from two such political groups. According to a lawyer from UKIP, Morgan has had his membership of  that party “rescinded”. This … Continue reading

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Boxpark loan deal turns councillors into a bunch of bankers

£3 million. So now we know how much tax-payers’ money it takes to bring a decent-sized business to the town centre. The Croydon Guardian reports that Croydon Council has gone into the banking business, making a £3 million loan to … Continue reading

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Mystery behind anonymous objection to South Croydon school

Mystery surrounds the sudden emergence of opposition to a scheme to build a primary school on Aberdeen Road in South Croydon, just behind Bar Txt on South End. Large, migraine-inducing coloured leaflets (it is long-overdue that a criminal offence was … Continue reading

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“I couldn’t live on £6.50 an hour” says millionaire Tory MP

Wonders will never cease. Croydon South’s new Tory MP has declared that the statutory Minimum Wage is not enough to live on in London. Millionaire Chris Philp has written to the Low Pay Commission calling for an enhanced rate for … Continue reading

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Council’s 20mph consultation looking like a political car crash

One of Croydon’s Labour council’s flagship policies appears to have been driven down a dead-end road. The local Labour group’s 20mph proposal for residential streets is in a state of crisis, faced with energetic opposition from the motoring lobby, otherwise … Continue reading

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TfL’s loopy proposals will cut some tram services by 13%

Another week. Another pointless, self-fulfilling “consultation”, this time from Transport for London as they steam-roller through their scheme to sever the tram network in Croydon town centre, all for the benefit of Hammersfield, and mainly at massive public expense. This … Continue reading

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David Lean Cinema campaign founder decides to stand down

Adrian Winchester, the founding chairman of the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign which successfully lobbied for the re-opening of the arthouse venue in the Clocktower last year, is to stand down from his position after more than four years’ … Continue reading

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Croydon cycle race crash that could have ended in tragedy

Tuesday night’s cycle race in central Croydon narrowly avoided tragedy, according to one of Britain’s most respected Paralympic champions. Sarah Storey, the winner of 11 Paralympic gold medals across two sports at four separate Games, was sent crashing as a … Continue reading

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Kiely leaves council planning post with barely a mention

Last week, one Redhill-based publication devoted two complete pages to the retirement of one of its own staff. But we have been unable to find a single word in its pages about the departure from Croydon of the council’s planning … Continue reading

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UKIP-dominated group could face legal action from council

A self-proclaimed “community” group which has several leading members closely associated with UKIP and which defended one of its officers making racist comments via social media, could now face legal action from Croydon Council for the recovery of unspent cash … Continue reading

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It’s long overdue that we move on from the local High Street

CROYDON COMMENTARY: £148,000 on tonight’s bike race, a few more thousand on the South Croydon Food Festival, and millions of Riot Recovery money on some paving and saplings, all to replace paving and saplings. DAVID CALLAM responds to our report … Continue reading

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Town Hall withdraws all councillors from Fairfield Halls board

Wonders will never cease. For the first time in its 50-plus-year history, the Fairfield Halls management board has no members imposed upon it by Croydon Council. The decision was announced by the Labour-run council last week, in among its various … Continue reading

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Carers’ Information Day, Arnhem Gallery, June 3

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