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£48m Tramlink changes will cause chaos in central Croydon

The changes proposed by Transport for London and Croydon Council to the trams in the town centre, mainly for the benefit of the £1 billion Hammersfield supermall, won’t just split the Tramlink into two separate networks. The engineering changes could … Continue reading

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Night of the short knives as Newman sacks chief whip Ryan

WALTER CRONXITE, our man in the public gallery with a Twix bar and a copy of the Racing Post, offers the inside information on what passes for a reshuffle at the Town Hall It was the sort of “hit” that … Continue reading

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Police called in as £18,000 vanishes from Visitor Centre

Scotland Yard’s finest have been called in to investigate a theft of nearly £20,000 from the Croydon Visitor Centre in the days immediately after its closure. The Croydon Visitor Centre, alongside East Croydon Station, was operated by Croydon BID – the … Continue reading

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Summer Madness sees Lean times return to arthouse cinema

It is hardly summer madness for the David Lean Cinema to go back in time. But that’s exactly what the Clocktower’s arthouse cinema will be doing in June, with a screening of the eponymous Oscar-winning director’s Summer Madness, and doing … Continue reading

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Our Kylie’s Gettin’ Wed at the Spread Eagle Theatre, May 29-30

May 28-30 at the Spread Eagle Theatre. Bookings open here.

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Stop the Incinerator fund-raising Quiz Night, June 8

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TfL’s £48m loop schemes could break the link in Tramlink

Transport for London seems determined to double the cost of new Tramlink loops in the centre of Croydon – to around £48 million of public cash – and all at the behest of local council planners who want to reduce … Continue reading

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Robstock music festival, live at The Oval Tavern, May 23

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Towering concern for sharing fairly Croydon’s housing burden

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Last month, David Callam wrote about the importance of housing as an election issue, nationally and locally. Here, ROD DAVIES calls for a fair distribution through the borough of high-density developments What’s good for the goose … The … Continue reading

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Police drop case against Croydon protester who ‘burned’ Boris

The use of the nation’s police for political ends is nothing new – anyone who lived through the Miners’ Strike in the 1980s, or has at least watched Billy Elliott and looked beyond the dance scenes, will have some idea … Continue reading

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Croydon Till I Die: taking the suburbs to the nation

“I think it’s the most derogatory thing I can say about somebody or something: God, it’s so fucking Croydon!” David Bowie Authors Bob Stanley, Lucy Mangan, John Grindrod and Andy Miller are staging a series of events this summer celebrating … Continue reading

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Collins gets ‘in the face’ of Labour donor over Lloyd Park mess

The deputy leader of the Labour group on Croydon Council has promised to “get in the face” of the owners of Coombe Farm, the private property set in the middle of Lloyd Park, over the growing piles of rubbish surrounding … Continue reading

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How can abolishing the Bedroom Tax be called ‘too left-wing’?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Trades unionist BOB HEWLETT suggests that blame for his party’s defeat in the General Election is being placed too conveniently on one or two individuals Well, well, well. Summer has not even arrived but already hairy old chestnuts … Continue reading

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A letter for all Londoners – from Christian Wolmar

CHRISTIAN WOLMAR is seeking selection as Labour’s candidate to be the next Mayor of London. This is his open letter to all Londoners following Thursday’s General Election Regardless of how you voted, the election was a shocking result. Not even … Continue reading

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Charity worker seeks your support for award nomination

Alison Maguire, a director of the charity The Lily Foundation who has helped to get the law changed to help families affected by mitochondrial disease, went back to her old school, Croydon High, this week following her nomination for the Girls’ … Continue reading

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Britain is left a divided nation, Croydon a polarised borough

WALTER CRONXITE pokes through the wreckage left by the 2015 General Election in Croydon, London and the country Balls. Metaphorically, and as far as the former shadow chancellor is concerned, physically. Politically, Croydon today is more polarised than at any … Continue reading

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Shirley Windmill 2015 summer open days begin this Sunday

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An election where politicians speak to voters? That’s new

JACK VAN DAM and JOHN SHIVELY are politics students from America. They arrived in Croydon last week keen to see a British election in action. This is what they found On Friday, we walked out of the busy East Croydon … Continue reading

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Jones answers questions some thought we dare not ask

Zero-hour contracts, the NHS, immigration… There’s strong answers to most questions, provided you don’t have to deal with the distorting prism of the multi-millionaires’ mainstream media. By STEVEN DOWNES This is the first Twitter General Election. Twitter was around in … Continue reading

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Croydon Ecology Centre annual Plant Sale, Sun May 10

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