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Coulsdon residents elect UKIP figure as new chairman

The Old Coulsdon Residents’ Association has elected a controversial figure from UKIP as its new chairman. Janet Stollery was elected as chair at OCRA’s annual meeting on Wednesday night. Last month, Stollery, together with two other UKIP members, caused disgust … Continue reading

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Croydon Central candidates agree hustings for Apr 23

Prime Minister David Cameron may well be “frit” of appearing in televised election debates, but in Croydon, and Croydon Central in particular, there promises to be no shortage of hustings meetings with candidates before May 7. The first to confirm … Continue reading

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Barwell starts to close the gap on Jones in Croydon Central

Parliament will be dissolved in three weeks’ time, with the polls suggesting the borough’s one battleground seat, Croydon Central, will be a tighter contest than was previously predicted, reports WALTER CRONXITE The result of the Selhurst ward by-election last week … Continue reading

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Incinerator deal could collapse as Viridor get greedy

There has been an extraordinary development in the saga of the Beddington Lane incinerator, with the Sutton Guardian newspaper reporting that the £1 billion local authority contract is under threat because developers Viridor want the incinerator to be bigger, busier, … Continue reading

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Hague and Morley are added to Selhurst by-election slate

Croydon’s Green Party has selected the group’s co-leader, Tracey Hague, as their candidate for the council by-election in Selhurst ward. At the weekend, the Liberal Democrats became the last of the major parties, and UKIP, to announce who would be … Continue reading

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UKIP’s short straw for Selhurst by-election drawn by Reid

UKIP has chosen Annette Reid as the person to face the wrath of Selhurst ward’s Council Tax-payers, many of them angered that they could face an unnecessary bill of £20,000 for having to go to the polling stations on March … Continue reading

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Gunter puts herself forward to have a go for Tories in Selhurst

Tirena Gunter, a seemingly permanent paper candidate for the Tories in the north of the borough, will have her name on ballot papers again next month, as the Conservative candidate in the Selhurst ward by-election. The selection, which took place … Continue reading

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Fair’s fair, but Bishop has been given a task to test a saint

So now we know. The Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission (as it has now finally resolved to be snappily titled) had its first meeting last night, where it revealed the members of the commission – the “commissioners” – and its … Continue reading

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Jones’s campaign given £10,000 boost by ex-LibDem peer

WALTER CRONXITE on the latest intriguing developments in Croydon’s marginal parliamentary constituency Sarah Jones, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central, has been given a £10,000 donation towards her campaign funds by someone who sat in parliament as a member of … Continue reading

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Shapps sends an SOS for Barwell: Save Our Salaries

HAS GAV GIVEN UP (Part 94): Not so much a straw in the wind. More an entire bale of hay that shows the Conservatives are very worried for the fate of their former Tory HQ wonk, Gavin Barwell, as last … Continue reading

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Coulsdon resident Hickson selected as candidate by LibDems

Gill Hickson, the Coulsdon resident and community activist, has been selected as the Liberal Democrats’ candidate to stand in Croydon South at the General Election in May. The selection was announced over the weekend – a few days too late … Continue reading

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Newman takes his group off to Brighton, paid via the rates

If you live in one of the Labour-held wards in Croydon, you probably didn’t have an opportunity to meet your publicly funded councillor at a residents’ surgery this weekend. You definitely would not have seen council leader Tony Newman standing … Continue reading

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Jobs, homes and wages: Questions still to be answered

A Croydon-based economics commentator has issued a coruscating critique of the conference speech given in Manchester this week by Labour leader Ed Miliband, just months before his party faces an election which, if they win, will make him Prime Minister. … Continue reading

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Punch-drunk Tories struggling to get up off the canvas

WALTER CRONXITE has put down his copy of Boxing News to assess the ringcraft of Croydon’s defeated Tories as they warm up for their next big bout Like a boxer who has taken one heavy blow to the chin too many, … Continue reading

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Croydon’s political weather suggests Town Hall climate change

VOTE 2014: Newly elected Waddon councillor ANDREW PELLING provides his analysis of how the council elections were won, and lost Political pundits sometimes belittle council elections as being just barometers for the national standings of political parties. They see Town … Continue reading

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Council publishes ‘unofficial’ election results with errors

VOTE 2014: Five days after the local elections, and Croydon Council is still showing “unofficial” and inaccurate election results on its official website. It is not clear when the finalised, and corrected, election results will be posted on the council’s … Continue reading

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Ten things we have learned from the 2014 Town Hall elections

So the results are in. And a thoroughly fascinating few weeks we have had in Croydon leading up to yesterday’s local elections. Croydon has no UKIP councillors, or councillors from any party other than Labour or the Conservatives. The LibDems … Continue reading

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Labour poised to take control of council as Tories blame UKIP

We will be reporting live through the night on the local election results in Croydon, and we welcome your comments by email and Twitter. Keep checking back every 30min or so for updates and additions – latest news will be … Continue reading

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You can make today’s Croydon Council elections all about trust

STEVEN DOWNES, editor of Inside Croydon, winds up the pre-election coverage on what all parties agree is a vitally important day for the borough This is the £1 billion local election. As if eyeing a prize dangling at the end … Continue reading

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Newman offers ambition for a fairer future for Croydon

VOTE 2014: The leader of Croydon’s Labour group, TONY NEWMAN, says that the time has come for a new council that no longer takes the borough’s people for granted Croydon goes to the polls tomorrow. As the leader of the … Continue reading

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