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Skanska’s ‘lightbulb moment’ over Purley street lights

There have been plentiful and regular complaints about the quality of workmanship and service from some of the council’s out-sourced contractors, whether it be the shabby My Croydon App mishap, the trail of rubbish left after the bin men have … Continue reading

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Shhh! Keep it quiet, Hammersfield have a policing plan

Who knew? The Croydon Partnership is staging a not-so-public public event tomorrow. You may not be aware of it. It is so hush-hush that the people behind the £1 billion redevelopment scheme haven’t even bothered to mention it on their … Continue reading

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£2,000 per month two-bed rent in London within four years

The average rent for a two-bed home in London will hit £2,007 a month by January 2020 if rents continue to rise at their current pace, according to research by a London Assembly member. That would mean that in little … Continue reading

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BANNED: What has the Grey Label conference got to hide?

By Steven Downes, Editor, Inside Croydon Grey Label, the PR agency of choice of Croydon Council, has banned Inside Croydon from attending the property speculators love-in that they are “organising” at the Fairfield Halls today. This will be the sixth … Continue reading

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Up to 600 Town Hall jobs at risk in latest council redundancies

Croydon Council yesterday launched another round of voluntary redundancies, as it tries to balance the Town Hall budget from a £3.5 million overspend. Some estimates suggest as many as 600 more council jobs may need to go. The budget short-fall … Continue reading

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Empire-building architects’ department doesn’t add up

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A former member of the borough’s engineering department, DAVID WICKENS wonders why the council is to re-establish an in-house architects’ department I read with interest the council’s decision to resurrect an in-house architects’ department. As I recall the … Continue reading

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11,000 Croydon residents to lose the vote under Tory scheme

First they take away your tax credits. Next they take away people’s votes. WALTER CRONXITE reports on a piece of election manipulation which is being introduced by stealth In a little over one month’s time, more than 11,000 Croydon residents … Continue reading

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£200,000. 60 pages. And lacking a single original thought

Croydon’s Opportunity and Fairness Commission has published its report. WALTER CRONXITE has read it, so that you don’t have to When it came to publishing the expensively compiled Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission’s report, Jonathan Clark, the Bishop and the … Continue reading

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Parking problems see businesses quit Coulsdon town centre

Businesses are quitting Coulsdon, as trade has dropped off by as much as 50 per cent because of what residents and businesses  are describing as the “shambles” of the traffic and parking chaos created by on-going council works and developments … Continue reading

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Lambeth approves ‘omni-shambles’ libraries closure plan

How democracy works in south London, Part 94… STEP 1: Lambeth’s “co-operative” council issues a consultation, cleverly entitled Vision 2020 (geddit?), outlining how the Labour-run Town Halls wants to implement the government’s austerity agenda by making deep cuts to its … Continue reading

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This House of Windsor has far from palatial accommodation

Such is the scale of the homelessness crisis in Croydon that the Labour-run council – which last month blocked future “permitted developments” of offices being converted into flats – is to utilise a third ex-office block to provide short-term accommodation. … Continue reading

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Cameron’s kicked Croydon’s homeless in the teeth, says Butler

David Cameron’s announcement this week that developers will no longer have to provide “affordable” homes (in the sense that the homes are marginally less overpriced than what the speculators might wish) is “another nail in the coffin for social housing”, … Continue reading

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Black mark for Morgan as his bogus identity gets found out

Coulsdon’s one-man motoring campaign could soon find it more difficult to use false identities online to pursue his own vested interests, as our transport correspondent, JEREMY CLACKSON, reports Last night, he was spotted at a public meeting in Lambeth, discussing … Continue reading

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Long overdue that councillors take charge at our councils

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Our report last week about a controversial meeting between Sutton Council’s chief executive and one of the borough’s councillors annoyed our loyal reader ARNO RABINOWITZ. But he was not surprised There’s a terrifying tendency, not only in Croydon … Continue reading

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The 2015 Garbage Gallery: Have the bin men been?

SEP 19 UPDATE: There is a problem for Croydon’s Labour-run council. Having got elected to the Town Hall in 2014 on a platform that promised to clean-up the borough of the blight of fly-tipping, it’s becoming increasing clear that, however … Continue reading

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Indian charity has councillor ready to take on the long run

Addiscombe councillor Mark Watson is embarking on a 12-hour ultramarathon this Saturday to raise funds for a human rights and environmental cause in Alleppey, India. Watson is attempting to run 100 kilometres – about 62 miles – along the Thames … Continue reading

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Council lets builders turn Arena parkland into a car park

Education correspondent GENE BRODIE avoids saying “we told you so” about what promises to be a disappointing start to life at big school for the bright-eyed new Year 7s at the Oasis Academy alongside Croydon Arena Parents of children excitedly … Continue reading

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Tory councillor aids roads lobbyist expelled from UKIP

JEREMY CLACKSON, Inside Croydon’s Motoring Correspondent, has uncovered evidence that one of the borough’s most senior Tory councillors has been busily assisting a roads lobbyist to undermine efforts to make the borough’s streets safer for all When the Labour group … Continue reading

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High Court judge rejects legal challenge to landlord licensing

The legal challenge against Croydon Council’s landlord licensing scheme, a flagship manifesto policy which helped get Labour elected last year, has been rejected by a High Court judge, a decision greeted by one senior council figure as, “A great day … Continue reading

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Croydon’s suffering Labour pains at delivering promises

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Being “Ambitious” for something is one thing, says ARNO RABINOWITZ. Actually delivering on those election promises is proving a different matter Just for fun – but then I am a closet masochist – I looked through the Labour … Continue reading

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