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South Norwood Primary is forced to become an academy

Parents and guardians of children at South Norwood Primary received the dread note of execution for their school yesterday. John Phillipson, the chairman of the interim executive board (IEB), has already overseen the forcible academisation of one Croydon primary school … Continue reading

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Plane nonsense is choking Croydon, one toxic gasp at a time

CROYDON COMMENTARY: In the week when the Airport Commission is expected to deliver its verdict on runway expansion – Heathrow or Gatwick – PETER UNDERWOOD expresses his concern at the uncritical outlook of our local politicians One of Chris Philps’ … Continue reading

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Landlords challenge licensing scheme with Judicial Review

Another of Labour’s flagship policies for Croydon, the landlord licensing scheme which was a key part of the manifesto when they won control of the council last year, could be facing a crisis as a group of local businesses are … Continue reading

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Coe has been backing Baku while Crystal Palace crumbles

Sebastian Coe’s attempts to run a mile from being associated with recommendations to bulldoze Crystal Palace athletics stadium and other south London sports facilities which were to be part of the “Olympic legacy” promised by the 2012 London Games looks … Continue reading

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Coulsdon roads campaigner Morgan is kicked out of UKIP

To be kicked out of one right-wing party is unfortunate. But Coulsdon agitator Peter Morgan has now been expelled from two such political groups. According to a lawyer from UKIP, Morgan has had his membership of  that party “rescinded”. This … Continue reading

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20mph zones under threat from UKIP activists, warns Khan

What appears to be a UKIP-led campaign against 20mph speed limits on residential streets in the north of the borough has been condemned, after stickers and posters have been placed – often unlawfully – around Croydon. In a display of … Continue reading

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Croydon Tory MP gives his backing to newspaper strikers

Wonders will never cease (Part II). A week after a right-wing Tory MP declared he couldn’t possibly live in London on the National Minimum Wage, now another Conservative MP from Croydon has declared his support for striking journalists at the … Continue reading

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Athletics body condemns plans to bulldoze Palace track

Finally, the Lottery-funded national governing body for athletics has delivered a report which is strongly against the demolition of the track and field facilities at Crystal Palace. UK Athletics has delivered its views nine months after the start of a … Continue reading

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Hopes go up in smoke as LibDems hold Sutton council seat

Last week’s Sutton Council by-election result was bad news for Labour and worse news for any campaigns to halt the incinerator at Beddington Lane, reports WALTER CRONXITE Candidates who oppose the Beddington Lane incinerator won 55.9 per cent of the … Continue reading

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Sign up here to buy an East Croydon flat for a mere £401,000

Fancy buying a new, two-bed flat, with delightful views over the London-to-Brighton railway line, and all for a little more than £400,000? Then this is your chance. “Vita”, the first residential development at Ruskin Square, right next to East Croydon … Continue reading

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Labour go for six of the best to become next London Mayor

Londoners – of all political persuasions, and of none – will have six to choose from this summer when the Labour Party stages its first ever open primary to select its candidate to run for London Mayor in 2016. A … Continue reading

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“I couldn’t live on £6.50 an hour” says millionaire Tory MP

Wonders will never cease. Croydon South’s new Tory MP has declared that the statutory Minimum Wage is not enough to live on in London. Millionaire Chris Philp has written to the Low Pay Commission calling for an enhanced rate for … Continue reading

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Parents’ anger at “immoral” departure of admired school head

Parents at a Croydon primary are angry that they and their children have been treated in a “disrespectful, insensitive and immoral” manner by a interim board of governors, imposed on the school by the Tory Education Secretary, and which then … Continue reading

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Business as usual for ‘local lad’ Philp the parachutist

WALTER CRONXITE has staggered back from the Strangers’ Bar at Westminster, after he saw Croydon’s newest MP making his maiden speech Chris Philp, elected last month as the new MP for Croydon South, finally got around to making his maiden … Continue reading

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TfL’s loopy proposals will cut some tram services by 13%

Another week. Another pointless, self-fulfilling “consultation”, this time from Transport for London as they steam-roller through their scheme to sever the tram network in Croydon town centre, all for the benefit of Hammersfield, and mainly at massive public expense. This … Continue reading

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David Lean Cinema campaign founder decides to stand down

Adrian Winchester, the founding chairman of the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign which successfully lobbied for the re-opening of the arthouse venue in the Clocktower last year, is to stand down from his position after more than four years’ … Continue reading

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£1bn incinerator deal and £275,000 “gift” back in the spotlight

The Beddington Lane incinerator site, on Croydon’s borough boundary – and the £275,000 “gift” from incinerator operators Viridor to a church much-used by Sutton LibDems – is high on the agenda this week, as Sutton Council stages a ward by-election. … Continue reading

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Kiely leaves council planning post with barely a mention

Last week, one Redhill-based publication devoted two complete pages to the retirement of one of its own staff. But we have been unable to find a single word in its pages about the departure from Croydon of the council’s planning … Continue reading

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UKIP-dominated group could face legal action from council

A self-proclaimed “community” group which has several leading members closely associated with UKIP and which defended one of its officers making racist comments via social media, could now face legal action from Croydon Council for the recovery of unspent cash … Continue reading

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Town Hall withdraws all councillors from Fairfield Halls board

Wonders will never cease. For the first time in its 50-plus-year history, the Fairfield Halls management board has no members imposed upon it by Croydon Council. The decision was announced by the Labour-run council last week, in among its various … Continue reading

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