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Fire leaves Addington chippie battered but unbowed

Forestdale’s much-loved chippie, McDermott’s, has been forced to close after a serious machinery fire last night. Sean McDermott, one of the owners of the fish and chip take-away and restaurant, has vowed that the business will bounce back quickly. He … Continue reading

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Croydon, 21st century slavery and the sex trade

Did you think slavery had been abolished nearly 200 years ago? Not in Croydon it hasn’t. When you read a magazine article like the one we found in The Observer a couple of weeks ago, you cannot fail but be … Continue reading

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Housing benefit caps could hurt outer London

It was Newton, wasn’t it, who posited that every action has a reaction? It wouldn’t take an Einstein to work out, though, that if you take away housing benefit from people living in an “expensive” area of a city, that … Continue reading

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That £10m grant: an open letter to Croydon CEO Jon Rouse

Inside Croydon has this morning sent the following letter to the chief executive of Croydon Council (where, we are told, “efficiency is in our DNA”), Jon Rouse:

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Cameron promises to support calls for Lillian’s Law

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, today gave his backing to the tougher measures and penalties for drugged driving, as called for by Lillian’s Law campaigners in Croydon. Prompted in Parliament by Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell at Prime Minister’s Questions … Continue reading

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Council says it applied for riot aid, but refuses to say when

Stirred by Inside Croydon‘s report yesterday that our council (which claims “Efficiency is in our DNA”) had not yet got round to filing an application for £10 million in government funding for riot-affected areas, the council’s press office swung into … Continue reading

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Can we end racism in Croydon in a generation?

The headline question, “Can we end racism in Croydon in a generation?” is the theme of a week’s worth of activities planned for a “pop-up shop” (ie. using an empty retail outlet for no rent for a short while) in … Continue reading

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