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Lights! Action! Croydon’s mini-movie maker needs your vote

Inside Croydon avid reader (apparently, there’s more than one) and small-scale movie maker Michael Hall has made it into the top 20 for Empire magazine’s “Done in 60 Seconds” competition – for the third year in succession. The competition requires … Continue reading

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Bovvered? National Libraries Day, but not in Croydon

Too often when dealing with Croydon Council and its political leadership, it feels as if you are talking to someone with all the maturity of a petulant toddler who has pushed their fingers in their ears and chants loudly “Not … Continue reading

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Hedren brings a touch of Hollywood to Fairfield Halls

Fairfield Halls will get the Hollywood treatment next month, when Tippi Hedren will appear on stage to talk about her life and career, all backed up by the New Queen’s Hall Orchestra on stage to play some of the greatest … Continue reading

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Mead says he’s “proud” of Croydon’s £50m uncollected tax

£50,237,631.33. Say it to yourself, slowly. Fifty million, two hundred and thirty-seven thousand, six hundred and thirty-one pounds. And thirty-three pee. That’s £50,237,631.33 of Croydon Council‘s money that has gone missing. £50,237,631.33 of your money lost forever. That’s the astonishing … Continue reading

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