#WadGate: Fisher pocketed £15,250 from fire authority, too

Mike Fisher, who has resigned as the leader of the Conservatives on Croydon Council after being caught red-handed secretly claiming an extra £10,000 in allowances on top of his £53,000 wedge, was all the time also receiving an additional £15,250 per year in allowances from another public body in the capital.

Looking for another hand-out: Mike Fisher

Looking for another hand-out? Mike Fisher has been making a lot of allowances lately

That all tots up to more than £78,000 of tax-payers’ money paid to florid-faced Fisher in the last year alone.

Fisher has been one of the borough reps on the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, or LFEPA, delegated to attend through being a Croydon councillor.

LFEPA runs the London Fire Brigade. Of the committee members of the Authority, eight are nominated from the London Assembly, seven from the London boroughs, and two are Mayoral appointees.

The 17 members of LFEPA each receive a basic allowance of £7,750 per year.

Fisher was also appointed to chair LFEPA’s audit committee. For that onerous task, he also received a “special responsibility allowance”, another £7,500, making a total of £15,250 for his fire brigade duties, all received entirely legitimately.

This was clearly a tough task for Fisher, on top of his full-time duties of being the leader of the Croydon Tories. Fisher was being paid an average of nearly £2,000 per meeting by LFEPA, who would usually have five meetings each year, plus three audit committee meetings.

According to the LFEPA website, despite Fisher’s Tories losing to Labour in Croydon in May’s local elections, the Shirley councillor remains a member of the authority.

Last year, as a member of LFEPA, Croydon’s Fisher voted to close 12 fire stations around London, to remove 18 fire engines and to axe 520 firefighter jobs – all as an economy measure at the behest of Boris Johnson.

Fisher’s extra £10,000 allowances claim was not illegal, just “doubly wrong” according to the Conservative MP for Croydon Central, Gavin Barwell. Given the context of the other public payments Fisher received, that allowances top-up he grabbed is looking ever more like naked greed.

There continue to be calls for Fisher to resign his position as a councillor for Shirley ward, for which he receives £11,239 from Croydon Council, without any special responsibility allowances, and demands for him to re-pay the £10,000 in “back-pay” that he pocketed.

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5 Responses to #WadGate: Fisher pocketed £15,250 from fire authority, too

  1. In most jobs, there’s an understanding, (and often a clause in your contract), that if you do an extra task for an outside organisation, because of your position, the employer gets any fee paid. Being paid for doing things like this is completely out of line. He should pay the money back to the council.

  2. Well done, Sherlock! I’d love to see what Anne Giles has to say on this latest instalment of #WadGate.

  3. Every person claiming to represent us should have to declare every year how much they are receiving from every public office so that we all fully understand what is going on. There needs to be openness, honesty and transparency – it is not surprising that there is widespread distrust of politicians and suspicion of their motives.

  4. Anne Giles says:

    I have already said what I wanted to say – to one of our Councillors, in private, of course.

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