Dear Councillor Newman: We want to see Fairfield report

An ageing rocker reviews the plans for Fairfield Halls favourably. And Francis Rossi, of Status Quo, looks on approvingly. Council leader Tony Newman has become very fond of easy photo-ops

An ageing rocker reviews the plans for Fairfield Halls favourably. And Francis Rossi looks on approvingly. The Status Quo star has seen more of the plans for the Fairfield Halls than the Croydon public

Another letter drops on to the door mat here at Inside Croydon Towers.

It is from our loyal reader, who reckons he has sent more than a dozen emails or letters to the £53,000 per year council leader, Tony Newman, about issues regarding the pot holes on his road or street lighting, and he has so far received not a single response.

As well as incompetence, this is also plain rude.

It appears that our loyal reader is this time trying a different tack to elicit a reply from a publicly funded elected official who told a meeting in the Town Hall chamber this week that the reason for his tardy response rate was because his staff is overworked.

This is the latest missive which Newman expects his staff to deal with:

Mr Newman

I watched the debate about plans for the Fairfield Halls in the week and was appalled at your refusal, or non-commitment, to release the Mott McDonald consultants’ report in its entirety.

As a long-suffering Council Tax-payer, I demand to know why you won’t release it. Bearing in mind I paid for some of it.

I am also concerned with the lack of importance some councillors place on council proceedings (such as spending meeting time watching football).

If I had done that at a meeting at work I would have been sacked.

I hope you have reprimanded them and I would also like to see the evidence that you have done that.

Who reckons Newman will reply?

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4 Responses to Dear Councillor Newman: We want to see Fairfield report

  1. farmersboy says:

    I’d prefer no reply to the cut and paste tired propaganda which Barwell sends out. Not once has he addressed the specific questions asked.
    Release the Fairfield report, nothing to hide nothing to fear as our Lords and Master’s are keen to tell us

  2. Tony Newman will not reply not because he doesn’t want to, it’s just that he receives so many emails every working hour that it’s impossible to reply as his inbox is permanently swamped.

    • farmersboy says:

      And it’s so difficult sorting junk from tax payers. Here’s a clue – read the one’s that start Dear Councillor Newman and ignore the one’s that say Saucy Sue is looking for love near you or you might be entitled to PPI

  3. Tony’s “Family” would have been proud of him and his current performance.

    Dr Jennifer Melfi: “What line of work are you in?”
    Tony Soprano: “Waste management consultant.”

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