Hall’s resignation letter: ‘Dear Tony, I’m incredibly proud’

Simon Hall: Proud

Simon Hall chose to send his resignation email to the council leader, Tony Newman, just before 10 o’clock on a Friday night.

He forwarded it to his 40 Labour councillor colleagues a little more than an hour later, saying, “I wanted the Labour Group to know directly from me my decisions to resign”.

In his resignation email, Hall wrote:

Dear Tony

I am incredibly proud of the role I have played over the last six and a half years as part of this administration.

In that time, I believe I have played my part in making a positive difference for residents and delivering our manifestos.

Bringing in the London Living Wage, for both staff and suppliers. Ethical commissioning and procurement, including a greater focus on quality rather than price, real social value, use of local suppliers. Valuing and respecting our staff, including developing staff from within, promoting greater diversity including anonymous shortlisting and The Smallest Things pledge. Digital transformation, including massive channel shift that improves service and saves money, a new website and better systems for our staff. On the pension fund, improving our financial position, diversifying our investment and a focus on ethical investment, including being out of tobacco and now tacking fossil fuels and embracing green energy.

In terms of the finances, I believe I have helped steer a course of delivering our manifesto commitments whilst we have had to contend with a decade of austerity.

The last six months have, of course, been hugely challenging. And the financial impact has put us in an unprecedented position, which is needing an unprecedented response. This has been very challenging for me personally.

The next few months will be very intense for this administration. And I want to see us succeed, and be delivering for our residents in a manner consistent with our core values.

At a time when I am facing personal and family issues, I do not feel it would be right for me to carry on.

I am therefore resigning as Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources.



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2 Responses to Hall’s resignation letter: ‘Dear Tony, I’m incredibly proud’

  1. Colin Cooper says:

    He’s certainly made a ‘positive difference’ in my opinion, I’m positive he should be in court facing charges of wasting Public tax money and gross mis-management of Council funds. Doubtless he and all the others responsible will get slapped on the wrist and told not to be such naughty boys and girls again, whilst we are left in a deep dark hole and to pay for their mess!

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