‘Local’ Conservatives voted for Johnson as leader, remember?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: MP Chris Philp, a minister in Boris Johnson’s Tory government, emailed his Croydon South constituents with a message about the council elections, asking them to vote for ‘local’ Conservatives. This is how GRAHAM TOTTLE replied…

Dear Mr Philp,

Member of Johnson’s Conservative government: Chris Philp MP

Your party holds the country in contempt.

More people are being forced into poverty due to your inept policies including, but not limited to, Brexit, which is far from “done”.

Businesses are closing because of the additional costs associated with exporting to the EU, or simply relocating to the continent, costing jobs and revenue to the Exchequer.

Students no longer benefit from Erasmus and holidaying with pets in Europe has now become more bureaucratic and expensive.

The situation in Northern Ireland is teetering on the edge of disaster with the very real threat of a return to violence.

Regional funding from the EU has not been replaced as promised.

Inflation is soaring, as are the bank balances of those Tory supporters who have benefited from dubiously awarded PPE contracts.

This government knew of the dangers of moving the elderly from hospitals into care homes without covid testing but you did it anyway. As a result, thousands died, whilst Matt Hancock lied repeatedly about throwing a protective ring around them.

Trunk call: getting the message across

Furthermore, your leader has been proved a liar and has been fined (with others) for breaking the law, throwing parties whilst insisting that everyone else should stay away from loved ones, on many occasions missing precious last moments.

“Local” Conservatives seek to deceive us further by attempting to distinguish between themselves and the morally bankrupt Tory Westmister cabal – a deception which will not work. “Local” Conservative members elected Johnson as leader in the first instance you will remember.

Furthermore, as you have not seen fit to answer my previous emails, the answer is “No” – I will not be voting for any representatives or members of the Conservative Party either locally or nationally and will actively campaign for the candidates most likely to defeat them.

Graham Tottle 

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12 Responses to ‘Local’ Conservatives voted for Johnson as leader, remember?

  1. Philip Worsfold says:

    Graham I totally agree with your comments however the recent Labour Croydon Council leadership has been a total disaster. So who do you think can really make a difference to Croydon?

    • john chandler says:

      Having an independent mayor will make difference.

      I’m voting for Andrew Pelling, read his statement in the election information.

      He will hold them to account and make them account for some of the money they’ve spent on Fairfield Halls.

    • Peter Underwood says:

      You could vote for the party that came third in the last few local elections in Croydon and has the best chance of overturning the old two party system – the Green Party

      If you vote for the same old parties you will just get the same old politics. If you want something better then you have to vote for it. On Thursday vote for a fresh Green start for Croydon.

    • Ian Kierans says:

      Shawcross – Pelling – Underwood – lets get real here – even Winston comes across as more transparent than what we have had and what have got in Fishers Folly!”

  2. sue wilkes says:

    Chris Polyp, god help us. A snivelling rat faced estate agent more than happy to debase himself by defending Doris Bohnson’s law breaking on TV. What kind of moron votes for garbage like this?

  3. James Patterson says:

    Dear Mr Tottle

    I’m a Croydon resident and have a very large excavator currently working 1m from my garden wall digging a hole that could easily swallow my house. Three doors down we have a building site (9 flats) being built by a developer who being going on off bankrupt for the past 2 years – no idea when he’ll finish – we have people moving materials on the site at 1am in the morning. We’ve got massive potholes and damage to the verges along the road as a result of a development of nine flats at the end of the road. And finally my neighbour is in negotiations with another developer to sell his house (ironically to the chap who’s on/0ff bankrupt all the time).

    And you suggest I don’t vote Conservative who I know will put a stop to all this?

    Are you being serious?

    James Patterson

    • Mr Patterson,

      If you seriously believe that the Conservatives will work against private developers, and Tory laws on planning, then you are not living in Croydon, but some fantasy world.

      Kind regards,


    • Ian Kierans says:

      Dear James – Congratulations or commiserations on coming a close third to the failures of Planning and enforcement within Croydon. But frankly neither Fisher nor Perry have prevented any of this stuff. The reason I say third is that so far at least you have not had a Landlord/developer block you from receiving medical assistance and been actually assaulted/injured/spat at/run over and repeatedly have local developments and premises used as crack houses brothels and drugs sold and used on all points of the compass around you. With respects this began under the ”Local Conservatives” and yes continued under the last Labour administration.
      Whereas I appreciate the sentiment and agree that many of the present incumbents and employee’s are culpable, Mr Perry despite many opportunities failed to even open his mouth. Mr Pelling did and Ms Shawcross was not involved and Mr Underwood is not offensive. That’s 3 more deserving of a vote would you not agree?

  4. Louise Goode says:

    Jason Perry’s manifesto says he will drop Planning Guidance document SPD2 – that’s the document that allows developers to do what they could never have done before.

    Labour are not going to ditch this guidance. That’s because Labour wrote this guidance.

    It’s therefore Conservative Jason Perry for me.

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