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Croydon’s suffering Labour pains at delivering promises

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Being “Ambitious” for something is one thing, says ARNO RABINOWITZ. Actually delivering on those election promises is proving a different matter Just for fun – but then I am a closet masochist – I looked through the Labour … Continue reading

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Council offers online service – to centre with no website

SUSAN OLIVER is concerned at the absence of practical support for victims of domestic abuse in the borough In early 2014, I wrote a piece in Inside Croydon about the shockingly high rates of domestic violence in the borough. At … Continue reading

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Serious Whitgift CPO objections could end up in law courts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The complaints to the Whitgift Centre CPO have been raised by some of the country’s biggest businesses, and DAVID CALLAM says that their public opposition could end up in the law courts Like Susan Oliver and commenter David … Continue reading

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How the Whitgift CPO is proving bad for Croydon’s business

CROYDON COMMENTARY: As the inquiry into Croydon Council’s Compulsory Purchase Order for the Westfield and Hammerson development of the Whitgift Centre enters its second week at Fisher’s Folly, SUSAN OLIVER, left, asks what it may be doing to the town’s … Continue reading

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Things are changing, and growing, around Transition Town

SUSAN OLIVER catches up with developments at Croydon Transition Town after an active 2014 Croydon Transition Town celebrated its second birthday in November, after its members helped to create community gardens in Wandle Park, Park Hill Park and at Ramsey … Continue reading

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Ten compelling questions on the Whitgift Centre CPO

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A once-in-a-lifetime regeneration, or a sinister land grab? SUSAN OLIVER, pictured, has some nagging doubts about the massive Compulsory Purchase Order on the Whitgift Centre taken out by Croydon Council on behalf of the Hammersfield developers I was … Continue reading

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‘Cancer forced me to dance with the shadow of fear’

Occasional Inside Croydon contributor SUSAN OLIVER, pictured left, has not written for us for a while. Here she explains why Winter 2013 was lousy for me. And then it got a whole lot worse. The downturn started last November. I … Continue reading

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Our two-year-olds need a childhood, not lessons in Latin

SUSAN OLIVER, pictured left, wants the borough’s teaching professionals to come forward and make their voices heard, perhaps even to challenge the controlling orthodoxies of Michael Gove and Ofsted Children should be taught in schools from the age of two … Continue reading

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Time to call out the Army? Croydon’s 22,000 victims of abuse

SUSAN OLIVER is very concerned about levels of domestic violence going on in Croydon, and wants to know why it is not being treated as a major health issue I have looked at the Domestic Violence and Abuse Report produced … Continue reading

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Charity reform required to alter Foundation’s influence

CROYDON COMMENTARY: At the weekend, Susan Oliver asked: what is the real role in Croydon of the multi-million pound Whitgift Foundation, the owners of much of the land being redeveloped as part of the £1bn Hammersfield scheme? Here, DAVID CALLAM … Continue reading

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Town centre plans based on a substantial Foundation

With an annual income of more than £47 million, the Whitgift Foundation is a significant presence in Croydon. Yet we have heard very little about its role in the redevelopment of the town centre, says SUSAN OLIVER One interesting aspect … Continue reading

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Transition Town team ready to open community garden

SUSAN OLIVER on a couple of important Green events around the borough in the coming week Chard and turnip greens have already been reaped. The onions are coming along, the potatoes are starting to peep, and the calendula and cosmos … Continue reading

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Art for heart’s sake: seeing the world afresh

SUSAN OLIVER, pictured left, ahead of the South Norwood Arts Festival, outlines how she discovered her own artistic bliss Most people know me as a gardener and bee-keeper. But quietly, in the background, I’ve been seeking my own personal revolution … Continue reading

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Plan Bee: things you can do to help local hives thrive

Britain’s bees need your help. And even in built-up Croydon, you can put a buzz into your garden or window box, writes SUSAN OLIVER Spring can be a difficult time for bee-keepers. This is when, for the first time in … Continue reading

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Croydon gang culture brought to the Town Hall chamber

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Town Hall meetings have become notorious for generating more heat than light, especially on matters of greatest importance tothe borough. SUSAN OLIVER says councillors must clean up their act When the council’s budget meeting was broadcast on Croydon … Continue reading

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Making a change and saving the planet, one step at a time

SUSAN OLIVER explains why Croydon needs to become a Transition Town You don’t have to look hard to find bad news about the state of the planet today. Whether it’s droughts, or floods, or Greenland’s ice melting, or the oceans … Continue reading

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Ready, set, go: trowels at the ready to bury a bad idea

An initiative by the Royal Horticultural Society inspires SUSAN OLIVER to start thinking how the idea of competition is doing more harm than we think There is a lot of competitions on television these days. Contests involving baking, cooking, singing, … Continue reading

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Apiary apprentice from Addiscombe who gets a buzz from work

Croydon resident SUSAN OLIVER is a beekeeper and believes that the process, rather than the product, is the thing The cover of this year’s Thorne’s catalogue looks like a family photograph of beekeeping: Papa National Hive, Mama Rose Hive, Brother … Continue reading

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Mugger with the mic? Or taken for mugs in the audience?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A 15 per cent fall in turnover in the Croydon retail sector in five years? Solution: Build more shops! Expensive residential tower blocks left unfinished, unbuilt or unsold? Solution: Build more towers! CRO CRUSADER questions the logic of … Continue reading

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Croydon in Crisis: Barwell, “loons” and a “bright” future

CROYDON COMMENTARY by Steven Downes, Editor, As newspaper front pages go, this pretty much hammered home a final nail in a government’s coffin. The Sun‘s “Crisis? What Crisis?” splash in January 1979 is a classic headline. It refers to … Continue reading

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It is time the likes of Gove and Pollard listened to the teachers

O Levels, CSEs, and grammar schools in Croydon? Having read Councillor Tim Pollard’s recent article on Inside Croydon, SUSAN OLIVER responds by arguing that teachers should put their capes on and become the super-heroes of education they’re entitled to be … Continue reading

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No Overall Control: full election results for Croydon’s 28 wards

No overall control. After weeks of campaigning, all the voting and, eventually, all the counting was concluded three days after the polls closed, the final results of the 2022 Croydon local elections were in. With the borough’s first Green councillors … Continue reading

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Cinema backs Kenley history project with Battle of Britain film

As the Royal Air Force marks its centenary today with a spectacular fly-past over the capital, the David Lean Cinema volunteers and the people behind the Kenley history project are combining their efforts to mark one of the most heroic … Continue reading

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Labour poised to take control of council as Tories blame UKIP

We will be reporting live through the night on the local election results in Croydon, and we welcome your comments by email and Twitter. Keep checking back every 30min or so for updates and additions – latest news will be … Continue reading

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