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Time for London’s politicians to redesign streets for people

CROYDON COMMENTARY: For South Croydon resident CONNIE MUIR, it is a manifesto from a community organisation which has impressed her most during the latest election campaign, as she’s voting with her feet During the pandemic, people in London have rediscovered … Continue reading

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‘One of the biggest casualties of council crisis is our trust’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Residents, such as New Addington’s SCOTT AINSWORTH-PAYNE (pictured right), have been shocked at some of the revelations coming out of the council over the last couple of weeks I am flabbergasted by the state of things. Croydon contains … Continue reading

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Grenfell victims still waiting for Barwell’s inquiry summons

CROYDON COMMENTARY:  The former Croydon Central MP this week backed calls for a public inquiry to be held urgently into the Conservative government’s mishandling of its response to the coronavirus pandemic. But as one loyal reader observes, ‘Lord’ Barwell has … Continue reading

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Tories won’t scrutinise Grenfell scandal and Arcuri affair

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A week ago, we reported how horse-trading at City Hall had seen the Tories take their pick of the top posts on the various committees at the London Assembly. Here, MURAD QURESHI explains why that is a very … Continue reading

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Grinling Gibbons and saxifrage: hidden secrets of Lloyd Park

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The moving of sites between two Croydon private schools will create a misnomer for the building being used in Lloyd Park, according to ANTHONY MILLS, who provides some history and background to the site The transfer of the … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you strip front-line services

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The appalling conditions endured by council tenants in South Norwood, says ROD DAVIES, is symptomatic of a decline in local government, where the front-line services are stripped of resources While the cases of the neglected tenants in damp … Continue reading

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If incompetent directors can be banned, why not councillors?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Outsourcing giants Carillion went bust three years ago, and now the directors responsible face possible bans from the nation’s boardrooms. Likewise, incompetent councillors should also be barred from public office, says TERRY McCARTHY The news this week that … Continue reading

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Bankrupt borough could be left counting the cost of neglect

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Dangerously potholed roads, understaffed adult services, poorly maintained pavements… Many of the borough’s services were already badly run-down before the council’s financial collapse. TERRY McCARTHY believes there is real risk of the Town Hall incurring massive claims for … Continue reading

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I want people to be envious when I say ‘I live in Croydon’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Regular reader ANDREW MURRAY (no, not that one) provides an example of the anger that is mounting among residents over the council’s failed management Croydon, like so many small towns in the UK, lives in the shadow of … Continue reading

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LGA probe has all the hallmarks of a Town Hall whitewash

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The independent investigation into the council’s financial collapse needs to examine all aspects of mismanagement, including the £440,000 pay-off to the former chief exec, according to one disgruntled councillor Apart from being able to read the terms of … Continue reading

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Time to reverse the damaging cuts to London’s youth services

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After a decade of austerity, it is long overdue for the government to fund properly the capital’s youth services, says Green Party Mayoral candidate SIAN BERRY London’s youth services are in crisis. Councils have been under pressure to … Continue reading

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There should be no place for nepotism in any local council

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A former local government official who worked for three London councils from the 1970s until 2016, LEWIS WHITE (right) observed others doing their jobs in housing, engineering, maintenance, finance and in the comms team. And he is increasingly … Continue reading

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Loss of free travel for children is another Tory-made mess

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The Tory transport minister is ‘stealing free travel from young Londoners just when they need it most’. By CAROLINE RUSSELL, the Green Party London Assembly Member Schools are now going back but nobody can yet tell under-18s in … Continue reading

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It’s time for action to make borough’s roads safe for cyclists

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The plan for a green recovery in the borough announced this week meets with approval from MARCUS CHURCHILL, pictured left, but he says that the proposals are long overdue and need to be implemented urgently I fully commend … Continue reading

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Road closures make sense – now and when lockdown is over

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Road closures to motor vehicles during the coronavirus lockdown in an area around South Norwood have found approval with at least one cyclist as they travel to work. ROB CALLENDER, right, explains I work a second job part-time … Continue reading

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Where’s the step-free access to East Croydon? Or aesthetics?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The buildings granted planning permission on Thursday night, between the Fairfield Halls and the railway line, are architecturally disappointing and the scheme fails to deliver on one of the requirements in the local plan, says SEBASTIAN TILLINGER Having … Continue reading

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If you had the choice, would you want a flat or a house?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: As the Labour-run council and its planning department continues its unrelenting drive for overdevelopment, one resident from the south of the borough, LUCIA BRIAULT, asks whether what is being built is what the public actually wants Let me … Continue reading

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Croydon’s Brick by Brick model is well and truly broken

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The cross-subsidy model used by to justify the council’s building homes for private sale won’t work, writes ANTHONY MILLS, right All of the largest – and even more so, the smallest – housing associations are saying that the … Continue reading

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Directly electing our mayor offers chance of a fresh start

CROYDON COMMENTARY: ‘I don’t want my town to be defined by failed leadership, dodgy deals and zero scrutiny’, says Labour Party member JO TANNER (pictured) I am Croydon born and raised – and although I don’t see the place through … Continue reading

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Time for a show of leadership on Croydon’s climate crisis

CROYDON COMMENTARY: With children struggling to maintain good mental health in the pandemic, and while the lockdown is seeing declining physical activity levels among some youngsters, AMY FOSTER calls on the council leader to provide real support for one of … Continue reading

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‘Joseph Heller could use Croydon as a sequel to Catch 22’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The row between the Labour council and Tory government over the possible costs of staging a mayoral referendum has got loyal reader IAN KIERANS crunching some numbers Is it really £1million additional costs to stage a referendum over … Continue reading

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Binmageddon!: Veolia provides consistently rubbish service

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Purley resident PENNY SCOTT says that she has not had her household refuse collected on schedule since 2018 We did receive the council’s leaflet detailing the changes to our household refuse collections over Christmas. But my general waste … Continue reading

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Half-term report: Is 49% really a pass mark for this test?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After the respite of a week away from the virtual chalkface, the borough’s teachers are warily preparing themselves to be subject of the latest ‘Boris Big Bang’ As the UK slips down the rankings for the highest per … Continue reading

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Cancer warning over radioactive waste plans for incinerator

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The news, as revealed by Inside Croydon, that the Beddington Lane incinerator has a contract with Croydon Council to handle radioactive waste should be of grave concern to residents across south London, says JIM DUFFY There are two … Continue reading

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Cut the mowing: how to transform your garden for wildlife

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After surveys this summer reported a decline in butterfly and moth populations across the country, LEWIS WHITE, a retired landscape architect with decades of experience, offers his advice on how to make your garden more wildlife-friendly this autumn … Continue reading

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