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Watson’s moving speech homes in on a Labour weakness

WALTER CRONXITE on what could turn out to be another boost for local estate agents, unwittingly provided by Croydon Council Mark Watson is going nowhere – and that’s official. Well, at least that’s what the under-pressure Addiscombe councillor told a … Continue reading

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No longer Taboo: Addiscombe gets signs of its East India past

Finally, after nearly a decade, it’s in black and white: the East India Estate Conservation Area is there for all to see on road signs in that part of Addiscombe. Special road signs were unveiled last month in the presence … Continue reading

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Lebanon Road rat running starts councillor’s chicken run

Candidate selections for next year’s Town Hall elections are still a long way off, as Croydon’s political parties await the deliberations of the Boundary Commissioners on the re-drawn map of the borough’s council wards. But the “chicken run” – where … Continue reading

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Bake Off fan Reed wants to have his cake and eat it

It is probably fair to say that Steve Reed OBE, an erstwhile leading light in the Progress party-within-a-party, was not holding his breath waiting for a phone call from the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to offer him another job in … Continue reading

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Hundreds of folk dancers brighten up a sunny evening

Three pubs, 150 dancers, and 16 Morris groups: the Croydon Night of the Dance, staged in Addiscombe yesterday, was described as a “tremendous success” by one of the organisers. And it looked like a lot of fun, as LEE TOWNSEND’s … Continue reading

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Road rage breaks out over one-way system in Addiscombe

A form of road rage has broken out along the usually polite residential streets of Addiscombe, in a simmering dispute between neighbours over the council’s traffic management. Residents along Lebanon Road and Addiscombe Court Road have been the recipients of … Continue reading

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Newman snubbed as Labour group gives backing to Collins

After spending a couple of hours sitting in the shadow of the Clocktower nursing a half-finished pint of lukewarm Stella, WALTER CRONXITE reports on last night’s meeting which, if it wasn’t the end of the beginning, might be remembered as … Continue reading

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