Podcast: Under The Flyover

Under The Flyover is our occasional podcast which complements our website reporting with interviews and recordings offered exclusively to our loyal supporters. Under The Flyover is co-produced with Tim Longhurst, formerly of Croydon Radio and the brains behind the NowCroydon listings site.

This distinctive and exclusive subscriber content has included interviews with the borough’s politicians, local historians, community workers, sports stars and a range of others who have something worth saying about Croydon.

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Andrew Ah Weng: BAFTA-winner at just 14

Under The Flyover meets Croydon’s 14-year-old BAFTA-winner
In the latest episode of our exclusive podcast content for Inside Croydon subscribers, reporter Sanjana Idnani interviews Sanderstead teenager Andrew Ah Weng following his recent with of a BAFTA award for his computer game design.

Inside Croydon first reported the success of the 14-year-old Trinity schoolboy earlier in July.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts stages annual Young Game Designer Awards. And Ah Weng’s game, called Getting Out Of It, took top prize in the 10- to 14-year-olds’ Game Making category.

Now hear him talk for the first time about how he came up with the idea for the game, the software he uses and his plans for more coding and games development in coming years.


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Under The Flyover at the Regina Road protest march
Our latest episode has reporter Sanjana Idnani meeting some of the council tenants of South Norwood who took to the streets to protest at the four-month delay in any real action by Town Hall officials to fix the appalling living conditions in their resident tower blocks.

Idnani reports from the march and rally, interviews residents and records some of the speeches made to draw attention to the tenants’ plight.

ITV News’ report from Regina Road in March shocked the nation, as it showed the damp, mouldy and overcrowded conditions families were having to endure, and which many had been filing complaints to the council about for up to four years.

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Under The Flyover with Kevin Day
Our first podcast of 2021 was with celebrity Palace fan, stand-up comic, TV comedy writer and all-round good bloke Kevin Day, interviewed by our guest presenter Ella Hopkins.

Day’s got a new book out – his first – Who Are Ya?, which is all about football and fans’ love of their clubs.

In a fascinating half-hour, Day talks about his book, how he was inspired by his then eight-year-old son, and of a career in comedy, including writing for some of the biggest names in show business on some of the best-loved programmes on television.

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Episode 3 of Under The Flyover features Jad Adams, the chair of Croydon Nightwatch.

It was around 40 years ago that Ralph McTell wrote Streets Of London, his best-known song and a number which has resonated ever since over issues of homelessness in the capital.

Around the same time, Jad Adams was driving off to work wondering what more he could do to help homeless people in south London. Soon after, Adams started volunteering with Croydon charity Nightwatch, and has been working with them ever since, most recently – well, since 1992 – as the chair of the charity.

In the latest Under The Flyover podcast, Adams explains how the situation for the homeless in our borough is now much worse than it has ever been.

In a wide-ranging interview, Adams talks about his work – including writing the biography of Tony Benn, as well as books on Gandhi and the Nehru political dynasty, and his latest, about votes for women, as well as appealling for donations to help Nightwatch’s valuable work.

You can get a taste of the podcast here:

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Episode 2 of Under The Flyover is also now available.

It features an interview with community activist Emma Hope-Fitch, who together with friends and neighbours in SE25 have worked for more than four years to create the Love Lane community garden and play space.

But by the end of July 2019, with the long summer holidays beckoning, the Love Lane community garden was under threat from the land owners, Mayfair-based property developers.

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First to go Under The Flyover was Mark Butcher, former Test cricketer, now a TV sports pundit and mean guitar player, who has his second music album – Now Playing – out.

Butcher came into our Under The Flyover studio this week to talk cricket, naturally enough (England were playing a World Cup match at the time), but also to chat about music, the role it has played in his life, and about his new album, including some of the things that have inspired his music, as featured in his single, Country, taken from the album.

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