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Reed goes video ga-ga as Labour campaign gets desperate

CROYDON COMMENTARY: If the lies don’t get you angry, the cant and hypocrisy surely will. STEVEN DOWNES, Editor of Inside Croydon, on the barrel-scraping going on over next month’s mayoral referendum At a time when Michael Gove is put in … Continue reading

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Veolia use Brexit excuse as rubbish service goes up in smoke

Croydon Council has confirmed what residents and environmental activists have observed and warned about for years: much of the waste sorted for recycling in the borough is being sent straight to the Beddington Lane incinerator and burnt. The council, and … Continue reading

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Council paid £25,000 for legal threats against Inside Croydon

The council admits it used public resources to hire the Queen’s solicitors to make threats of libel action on behalf of Tony Newman and Jo Negrini. STEVEN DOWNES, Editor of Inside Croydon, writes that in doing so, the council’s senior … Continue reading

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Starmer and Evans face impossible task with Croydon South

To win the next General Election, Labour needs to gain 124 seats. And Number 122 on the list of Labour target seats is Tory Chris Philp’s Croydon South constituency. Our sarf of the borough correspondent, PEARL LEE, looks at the … Continue reading

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CEO Lacey quits Brick by Brick; deputy to leave company, too

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The incompetent chief executive and self-proclaimed ‘founder’ of the council-owned building company which bankrupted the borough has announced his departure – but councillors have been kept in the dark. By STEVEN DOWNES Colm Lacey is to leave … Continue reading

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The Shirley chainsaw massacre: hundreds of trees condemned

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Chop! Chop! The bankrupt council is spending £15,000 in a rush to destroy dozens of trees, many of them apparently healthy. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Cash-strapped Croydon Council is planning to fell more than 250 trees around … Continue reading

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Council has no answers over missing Fairfield Halls sculpture

Croydon’s crass council has been accused of another act of cultural vandalism, after “losing” a significant piece of mid-century street art from the site alongside the “award-winning” (try not to laugh) Fairfield Halls. The art installation, in a modernist, geometric … Continue reading

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Purley local hits out: ‘It’s always developers before residents’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: This week BRIAN WATSON, a leading member of the Foxley Residents’ Association, vented his frustrations at the inappropriate building works and overdevelopment being allowed in his corner of the borough by writing a letter to the council leader, … Continue reading

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After eight-year wait, Croydon delivers homes on Taberner site

Eight years since the old council offices, Taberner House, that stood on the site, was vacated, and many months later than the council’s chosen developers had planned for the build to be complete, the ribbon was cut this week on … Continue reading

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£700,000: Croydon counting the costs of council failures

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The Town Hall has been hit with ‘penalty fines’ of its own since its financial collapse 12 months ago. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES £697,300 And rising… That’s how much Croydon Council says it has paid so far, … Continue reading

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Council appoints finance director with links to ex-CEO Elvery

Croydon councillors, including the leader of the Conservative opposition, have agreed to appoint as the council’s finance director someone who previously worked amid a “bullying culture” at another failing local authority. Richard Ennis’s appointment, to one of the most critical … Continue reading

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Labour leaders block Audsley over support for elected mayor

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The ghost of Tony Newman has come back to haunt one of his former councillors, as purges begin against those who dared to question the council leader who bankrupted the borough. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The “very … Continue reading

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Councillors were warned of financial crisis months in advance

CROYDON IN CRISIS: All but one of the borough’s Labour councillors voted that they had ‘confidence’ in Tony Newman and Simon Hall last year – just weeks after they had received a briefing note that told of an £85m budget … Continue reading

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Now it’s the Fairfield Halls fiasco that gets one in the Eye

Britain’s best-selling satirical fortnightly returns to Croydon’s financial woes – and says police should be called in to investigate deals around unfinished arts centre refurbishment While some citizen bloggers claim to try “to emulate Private Eye”, the professional journalists here … Continue reading

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Ticking boxes – how our council lets down staff and public

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A former council insider responds to our report about the borough’s vanishing street bins with their insight into the authority’s procurement process – which they find to be disorganised and open to potential corruption There is a big … Continue reading

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Brick by Brick failed to replace Fairfield’s 60-year-old windows

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The ‘fiasco’ of Brick by Brick’s bungled £70m refurbishment of the arts venue gets worse, with the latest admission of failures from a cabinet member. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Ollie “Shit Show” Lewis, the council cabinet member … Continue reading

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Council forced to pay (Sandwell) blogger’s £50,000 legal costs

By STEVEN DOWNES “Dr” Alison Knight, the council’s £800 per day interim director of housing, who was recruited in a rush by CEO Katherine Kerswell to deal with the Regina Road council flats scandal, might want to have a quiet … Continue reading

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#Binmageddon: 1,000 street bins have vanished from borough

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council agreed to pay its rubbish contractor an extra £20.7m while it reduced the services they are expected to deliver, leaving the borough’s streets ever dirtier. EXCLUSIVE by SANJANA IDNANI Around 1,000 bins have been vanished from … Continue reading

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Four more public libraries set to reopen after covid lockdown

At least a month later than most local authorities managed, Croydon is to begin “a phased reopening for all library buildings”, after the easing of covid-19 precautions. Four of the borough’s 13 public libraries – at Broad Green, Sanderstead, Shirley … Continue reading

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Flemming forced to drop plan to close two children’s centres

The council has been forced to back down from cost-cutting proposals, including closures, that will have impacted thousands of the borough’s children and the families. The council wanted to reduce its spend on its Best Start Children’s Centres by £1million … Continue reading

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Bankrupt borough could overspend by millions again this year

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Cash-strapped council is facing another busted budget, according to latest estimates. By STEVEN DOWNES Less than six months since Croydon was handed the biggest bail-out in history, following the authority declaring itself effectively bankrupt, and the council … Continue reading

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Council chiefs accused by MP of being on side of developers

As concerns mount about the local authority’s failure to exercise any development controls or planning enforcement over rapacious private developers operating in the borough, a local MP has accused Croydon Council of not caring about residents and being “content to … Continue reading

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Council planners’ 3-month delay over Sanderstead complaint

When senior officials in Croydon’s planning department refuse to acknowledge their own serious errors, can residents rely on the council’s complaints system? Not if the latest development fiasco in Riddlesdown is anything to go by, says STEVE WHITESIDE Deliberate delays … Continue reading

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Ofsted discover ‘worrying signs’ of cuts on children’s services

Inspectors from Ofsted have warned that some of the borough’s most vulnerable children may be put at greater risk as a consequence of cuts and redundancies caused by the council’s financial collapse. Ofsted inspectors last month carried out their latest … Continue reading

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Lewis launches reading challenge – when 11 libraries are shut

CROYDON IN CRISIS: As the council’s second consultation in a year to shut down a statutory service comes to an end, eight of the borough’s libraries remain closed for the majority of the week. By STEVEN DOWNES With all the … Continue reading

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