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Welcome to Croydon! And a town centre designed by Minecraft

KEN TOWL on the latest cheap publicity stunt that seeks to patronise the borough’s youth and encourage them to sign up for an addictive video game, rather than to study design or architecture The first thing to point out is … Continue reading

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The end is nigh: Brick by Brick’s final tower block is sold off

Our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES, on the council’s increasingly desperate efforts to flog off the last developments from its inept house-builder Flyover Towers, the final development by Brick by Brick, Croydon Council’s bankrupting building firm, has been sold as a … Continue reading

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Labour councillor subject to complaint over ethics breaches

#THELABOURFILES: Former party official has called for member of council’s ethics committee to be disqualified as a councillor over their role in handling documents stolen in a malicious internet hack attack. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Clive Fraser, the controversial Labour … Continue reading

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No action taken over councillor’s six-week holiday to Brazil

WALTER CRONXITE reports from the Town Hall on a controversial figure’s long-term absence When Matt Hancock pissed off to the jungle for a few weeks, the MP had the Conservative whip removed in parliament for his unauthorised absence. Much the … Continue reading

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£250,000 Lottery funding available for ‘Community Weekend’

Groups from across Croydon are being encouraged to pitch for a share of £250,000 Lottery cash to be part of London’s first-ever Mayor’s Community Weekend. The Mayor of London’s Community Weekend takes place from June 23 to June 25, and … Continue reading

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The ‘Croydon Factor’ could yet damage Labour MPs’ prospects

CROYDON IN CRISIS: With the party flying high in the polls nationally, Labour’s London region staged a conference over the weekend where the mood was bullish as the implosion of the Tory government and its tax dodgers continues. But for … Continue reading

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Town Hall meetings halved as new Mayor dodges questioning

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Tonight’s cabinet meeting has on its agenda the borough’s underperforming schools, the Westfield failure, Council Tax Support and council rents… in all, 24 items need to be considered at a meeting where opposition councillors will barely be … Continue reading

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Wanted: someone with integrity who can spot dodgy deals

Declared bankrupt three times in two years… £200million lent to a housing company that never repaid a penny of the loans or interest… Arts centre refurb that cost £67million amid suspicions of major fraud… Serious on-going questions about the integrity … Continue reading

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Perry LIED to council over Brick by Brick’s ‘stair-less’ house

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Opposition councillors demand an immediate apology and question whether the borough’s credulous Tory Mayor can be trusted. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Officials from Croydon Council have been forced to admit that the Conservative Mayor, Jason Perry, lied … Continue reading

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Voters looking for third parties’ assurance over reds and blues

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Opinion polls suggest that the Tories should have no chance of electoral success in this borough. But as WALTER CRONXITE outlines in this second part of a special report, ‘the Croydon effect’ of the Newman years has … Continue reading

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Perry left pot-less after failed bid for £20m levelling up money

Our Town Hall staff reporter, PEARL LEE, on the latest disappointing set-back for the Conservative Mayor Despite growing social deprivation in the borough and its failing town centre economy, Croydon has failed in its bid for £20million of Levelling Up … Continue reading

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Croydon is in a right Pickles and it is easy to work out why

Thurrock, Warrington, Nottingham, Slough, Liverpool, Sandwell… Croydon is far from alone among basket-case boroughs. ANDREW FISHER traces the common cause back to Whitehall Pay more, get less. That seems to have been the message from many councils across the country … Continue reading

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Planners’ misdeeds continue to pile disgrace on our borough

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After the latest revelations of deceit and delay by the council’s planning department, costing the borough tens of thousands of pounds when supporting a profit-hungry developer, iC reader IAN KIERANS says it is time that the Mayor and … Continue reading

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Home owner’s victory after four-year battle with planners

The planning department at Croydon’s dysfunctional council has been caught out yet again after the collapse of a developer’s appeal – but only after incurring huge and avoidable costs. Our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES, unravels a saga of deceits and … Continue reading

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Council’s £3m cost-of-living help is just a phone call away

The government has made £421million available to councils across England under its Household Support Fund to support those most in need to help with the cost of living crisis, covering a period from October 1 last year to March 31. … Continue reading

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Public asked how to improve the council’s rubbish service

Our Town Hall reporter, KEN LEE, on a council consultation that appears to be an exercise in stating the bleedin’ obvious  The council’s £81,000 per year Tory Mayor wants residents to “shape” its outsourced rubbish services. Mayor Jason Perry says … Continue reading

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Mayor of London activates emergency procedure for homeless

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Voluntary groups are concerned that the council did not respond quickly or properly when SWEP – the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol – was activated across London last month. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES With freezing temperatures forecast tonight, … Continue reading

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Negrini strikes out with her post-council business venture

Times are tough for start-up businesses in the construction sector. Especially those with little to offer but their own hubris. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Jo “Negreedy” Negrini has applied to strike-off the consultancy business that she set-up in the weeks … Continue reading

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Who do you think you are? Census data offers many insights

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The latest release of data from the 2021 national census has given PETER UNDERWOOD, pictured right, much to consider I have always been fascinated by the sort of data contained within the latest release from the 2021 census, … Continue reading

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All change! Town centre one-way system to get re-opened

After repeated calls to unlock the poorly-implemented covid one-way system and the pedestrianised zone around Croydon High Street – including criticisms raised here on  Inside Croydon – the council has today announced a re-routing scheme for buses and cycle lanes … Continue reading

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Ombudsman finds council put 4-year-old at risk of gang crime

CROYDON IN CRISIS: In the latest adverse finding against Croydon Council, in a case that stretches back seven years, a young mother was ‘left to live in fear’ after she was subjected to threats at gun-point and her appeals to … Continue reading

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Croydon needs deal that could set precedent for all councils

CROYDON IN CRISIS: A government-appointed inspector, council directors and senior councillors all agree that throwing millions more at the cash-strapped council won’t fix its deep-seated problems. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The Tories who control Croydon Town Hall have already done … Continue reading

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Mayor goes ahead with meeting for anti-immigrant group

Mayor Jason Perry is ignoring appeals from minority groups and a refugee support organisation and is going ahead with plans to attend a meeting tonight organised by a group which includes racists and Islamophobes. The Croydon Communities [sic] Consortium has … Continue reading

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Bankrupt council paid firm of solicitors £2m over two years

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The council used to have a senior official known as the ‘Borough Solicitor’. These days, the cash-strapped council is out-sourcing much of its legal work to a single firm of solicitors, at huge cost. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN … Continue reading

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Three PMs and a Funeral: tumultuous months for Croydon

Being featured in a television documentary, standing up against Croydon Council in the High Court and getting a mention in despatches from Private Eye were among some of the highlights of the end of 2022 for Inside Croydon, as this … Continue reading

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