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Old Palace closure brought on by shaky Foundation finances

CROYDON IN CRISIS: There’s not much that has happened in Croydon in the last dozen years or so that cannot be traced back, in some respect, to the £1billion-plus non-development of the Whitgift Centre. And as the accounts of landowners … Continue reading

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Go Nads! Barwell enters row over right-wing MP’s resignation

Absentee peer has a pop at nine-carat ex-MP Nadine Dorries in a Twitter spat likely to spark further rows as the Conservatives look to select their parliamentary candidate for new Croydon East constituency, reports our political editor WALTER CRONXITE Gavin … Continue reading

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Good Lord? Starmer’s gofer Evans is lined up for a peerage

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, delves through some silly season speculation to discover that one of Alison Butler’s exes could soon be heading for the red benches David Evans, the former Croydon business owner who was an aide to Tony … Continue reading

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Creatura bet his house on Banstead and didn’t make shortlist

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on the knock-back to a Tory councillor that could prove to be terminal to his huge political ambition Mario Creatura, the former parliamentary gobby factotum to Gavin Barwell, has been thwarted again in his desperate … Continue reading

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Beckenham’s Tory MP failed to register his arms trade link

South London Conservative MP Bob Stewart found to hold directorship of Luxembourg-registered consultancy with links to convicted criminal while he was a member of influential Commons Defence Committee Col Bob Stewart, the MP for Beckenham since 2010 and already under … Continue reading

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Centrale’s owners set to sell-up to Westfield in cut-price deal

Our vacated shopping centre correspondent, MT WALLETTE, on the latest multi-million-pound boardroom manoeuvres over Croydon’s developer-blighted North End It has taken more than a decade, but Westfield’s hostile takeover of the Centrale shopping mall in Croydon town centre looks as … Continue reading

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Baron Barwell does a bunk from Lords after Standards breach

More Tory sleaze, after a complaint from an iC reader leads to a finding that the politician broke the rules over his business declarations… and his Lordship isn’t saying whether his ‘leave of absence’ is in connection with something far … Continue reading

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‘Severe maladministration’ at Barwell’s housing association

The Housing Ombudsman has found severe maladministration in two separate cases which formed part of a wider investigation into the Clarion Housing Association. One of the cases is understood to involve social housing in Merton, where a leaking roof, damp … Continue reading

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Tory councillor group at Town Hall goes into 2023 with a WINO

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the rumblings of disquiet and discontent over a Coulsdon councillor who has put his own parliamentary ambitions ahead of council duties Mayor Jason Perry’s merry band of Tory councillors is not an altogether happy … Continue reading

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Barwell tells the Tory Party: It’s time to make up your mind

Britain stands on the brink of a national breakdown, after Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister this lunchtime, following a turbulent 44 days in office during which her Mini-Budget crashed the markets, she sacked both her Chancellor and Home Secretary … Continue reading

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‘The Nose in Search of a Bum’ sniffs out new government job

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the losers and losers in today’s government reshuffle Calls to Downing Street sources this afternoon have failed to discover anyone prepared to offer an on-the-record denial that, when he got the call from the … Continue reading

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Croydon’s top Tory Barwell admits: I am politically homeless

WALTER CRONXITE, Political Editor, on the Conservative peer’s criticism of the Truss government’s reckless ‘Mini-Budget’ Baron Barwell of Croydon in the London Borough of Croydon has had enough of the Conservative government. The patience of the man who was Tory … Continue reading

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‘If things go badly, a Bring Back Boris campaign will start’

Far-right comedian Joe Lycett was not available to give us his take on the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. So instead, we turned to the doom-laden Twitter feed of Conservative peer GAVIN BARWELL “Lord” Gavin Barwell was Chief of Staff … Continue reading

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M&S recruiting 130 staff ahead of opening Purley Way store

EXCLUSIVE: The company CEO’s life-long association with the Croydon store may have helped to give the beleaguered Whitgift Centre a reprieve. By STEVEN DOWNES Marks and Spencer is recruiting more than 130 staff in advance of its opening a new … Continue reading

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Rish! Sunak brings the Tory leadership contest to Purley

Our mole in the Croydon Conservatives was quite impressed by the flying visit of the former Chancellor. And with his shoes Liz is down in Surrey but we’re told she’ll come to visit us, too. But with a good two … Continue reading

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Tories’ Not-So-Famous Five offer little real hope for nation

ANDREW FISHER on the search for a new Prime Minister, and what it could all mean for Croydon The ancient Roman poet Juvenal observed that people needed “bread and circuses”. In Britain today, more people than ever are queuing for … Continue reading

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Finally, Coulsdon’s Tory councillor Creatura cuts before he runs

Boris Johnson fanboy and former Downing Street aide to Theresa May is trying to clean up his act ahead of parliamentary selections Tory councillor Mario Creatura, for many years the “gobby factotum” to Gavin Barwell when he was a Conservative … Continue reading

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MP Philp finally emerges to be skewered by Benny Hill theme

More on the final throes of Boris Johnson’s government from our political correspondent, WALTER CRONXITE Like Michael Fabricant’s syrup, once seen, this can never be unseen. Once heard, it certainly can never be unheard. In fact, this has been playing … Continue reading

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Boo-ris Johnson: Barwell predicts end for PM could be close

As Boris Johnson is booed by royalists gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral for the latest part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a former colleague lays out the weaknesses of the Prime Minister’s position as a result of Partygate, and the … Continue reading

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Westfield wants to revive plans for Croydon’s blighted centre

More than three years after shelving their £1.4bn scheme for the town centre, the developers’ monster mall is back on the drawing board – but with significant differences. By STEVEN DOWNES Like a Frankenstein monster after being given a shot … Continue reading

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‘Morally and politically, the government needs to do more’

Tory peer and former Croydon MP has barbed criticism for his former parliamentary colleagues Croydon’s local election results left one prominent Tory Party grandee in something of a quandary. “Lord” Gavin Barwell of Clarion is the former Croydon Central MP … Continue reading

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‘The Prime Minister admits he lied’ says Tory Lord Barwell

Boris Johnson should resign over Partygate: that is the clear view taken by the former Croydon Central MP. But having law-breakers running the country at Westminster won’t affect how he votes in next month’s Town Hall elections. By WALTER CRONXITE, … Continue reading

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MP Philp subject of complaint to parliamentary commission

WALTER CRONXITE discovers another Tory politician breaking the rules for the advantage of his party-loving political party Chris Philp is the latest member of the Conservative Party Party Party to be placed under an official investigation. Philp, the Tory MP … Continue reading

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Grenfell inquiry set to quiz Barwell over ignored warnings

Former Conservative housing minister is set to give evidence about his part in what has been described as ‘one of the greatest public policy failures anywhere in the modern world’ Gavin Barwell, the former Croydon MP who as housing minister … Continue reading

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MP Jones accused of breaking Commons rules over leaflet

Sarah Jones, Labour’s MP for Croydon Central, has been accused of breaking parliamentary rules over the use of the Commons logo and her Westminster email address on constituency “updates” which feature her party’s candidate for election as the borough’s first … Continue reading

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