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Can there really be a happy ending to the Fairfield fairy tale?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Building delays, budget-busting over-runs, the inexplicable changes of the names of long-established venues… The council’s £30million refurbishment of the borough’s largest arts complex has been a Pantomime from the start, and says DAVID WICKENS, it is Fairfield Halls’ … Continue reading

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Now Fairfield operators want to re-name the Ashcroft Theatre

Our arts correspondent, BELLA BARTOCK, on the latest piece of meddling going on around the much-delayed arts venue’s refurbishment Neil Chandler, the former cruise ship entertainments officer who has been placed in charge of the Fairfield Halls’ artistic programme has … Continue reading

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People of Arnhem say ‘We won’t change Croydonplein’s name’

The good burghers of Arnhem, Croydon’s twin town in the Netherlands, won’t be changing the name of Croydonplein, the residential square in the town centre, regardless of how the Fairfield Halls might discard part of this borough’s heritage by renaming … Continue reading

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92% say council should stop Arnhem Gallery name change

Even long-standing council staff have been outspoken about the proposals to change the Arnhem Gallery’s name. “Who comes up with this twaddle?” they said, as our arts correspondent, BELLA BARTOCK, reports Nine out of 10 responders to an Inside Croydon … Continue reading

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Public’s Town Hall questions on Binmageddon get censored

KEN LEE, our Town Hall reporter, sat through nearly four hours of Monday’s Town Hall meeting, so that you didn’t have to… A mere 90 days since the last full meeting of the council, and most of the borough’s councillors … Continue reading

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Arnhem link could be dropped from refurbished Fairfield Halls

The council and BHLive, the venue managers appointed to run the Fairfield Halls, have been accused of “crass cultural vandalism” over secretive plans to change the name of the Arnhem Gallery when the town centre arts venue re-opens. The arts … Continue reading

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Royal concert postponed as Fairfield Halls suffer more delays

The Fairfield Halls, which Croydon’s council leader Tony Newman promised would re-open in July this year following a £30million, two-year refurbishment programme, now won’t be running a full programme of events until September 2019 at the earliest. That’s the shocking … Continue reading

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