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Superdrug opens head office in Croydon – because they like it

Superdrug has this week moved into a new head office close to East Croydon Station, without a penny of assistance from the local council, and with a refreshingly frank attitude to reasons behind chosing its location: “Our old offices at … Continue reading

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Philp won by a landslide – as Most Useless MP in Rail Crisis

The Association of British Commuters has rejected claims (mainly from those members of the Croydon Conservatives who rarely have to use trains) that last week’s award to Croydon South’s Chris Philp for being “the Most Useless MP in the Southern … Continue reading

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Commuters launch Judicial Review to hold Grayling to account

Local Tories, who for the past couple of months have been disingenuously pumping out the party line that it is the unions who are responsible for the appalling mismanagement of Southern Rail services, will be dismayed to learn that a … Continue reading

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Local Plan’s divide and rule is delivering over-development

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The Labour MP for Croydon North and the leader of the Conservative opposition on the council have both complained about over-development in the borough. As residents in Upper Norwood begin a campaign against the council’s “infill” building on … Continue reading

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Trains, planes and Delay Repay: New York here I come

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Another week, another round of rail disruption. But Shirley resident KIRSTIE SMITH has found a silver lining on her daily commute into London I’m heading to New York at the end of the year.  Nothing exceptional about that, … Continue reading

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Boxpark switches job ad to get round Living Wage rules

Boxpark, the council-subsidised food and booze venue, has dropped its low-pay internship advertisement, after Inside Croydon highlighted how it was offering to pay a miserly £6.50 per hour, well below the London Living Wage. Now, Boozepark has re-jigged the ad, … Continue reading

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Snow joke: Gridlocked roads show need for more grit

STEVEN DOWNES on the entirely predictable panic over a bit of winter weather Oh dear. Heavens knows how we would manage with really severe snowfalls and winter weather were we in Cologne or Katowicz. But we’re in Croydon, so yesterday … Continue reading

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