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Prime Minister refuses to offer help on Bridge House cladding

Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who thinks nothing of getting rich party donors to pay for lavish gold flock wallpaper costing tens of thousands of pounds for his Downing Street flat, has this week refused to offer help to hard-pressed … Continue reading

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According to Barwell, Starmer cost Labour the 2019 election

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, got his hands dirty at the weekend, in an effort to save you the uncomfortable displeasure of reading The S*n, and to save you 20 quid For more than 30 years, families on Merseyside and … Continue reading

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Tenants’ despair and politicians’ disdain: Britain’s slum crisis

STEVEN DOWNES on the television documentary being broadcast on Sunday night which seems certain to shock the nation and pour shame on Croydon Council all over again You might think you couldn’t be shocked any more. But you’d be wrong. … Continue reading

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Government to pay £2.3m of borough’s asylum children’s costs

The Home Office will pay an additional £2.3million to Croydon this year to cover the rising costs to the borough of being a first stop in this country for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. The cash-strapped borough last month threatened to copy … Continue reading

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Labour official seeks to stop DEMOC using campaign leaflets

As Croydon Tories begin the process to select their candidate to stand for the borough’s first directly-elected mayor next May, KEN LEE, our Town Hall correspondent, reports on the local Labour Party’s latest effort to stifle debate While Croydon’s Conservatives … Continue reading

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Starmer and Evans face impossible task with Croydon South

To win the next General Election, Labour needs to gain 124 seats. And Number 122 on the list of Labour target seats is Tory Chris Philp’s Croydon South constituency. Our sarf of the borough correspondent, PEARL LEE, looks at the … Continue reading

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Make sure your pleas to power are never ignored again

CROYDON COMMENTARY: With a little more than a month until the referendum over how we should choose future leaders of the council, MP CHRIS PHILP (pictured left) outlines why he’s supporting a change in the system Croydon Council’s politics are … Continue reading

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The Shirley chainsaw massacre: hundreds of trees condemned

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Chop! Chop! The bankrupt council is spending £15,000 in a rush to destroy dozens of trees, many of them apparently healthy. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Cash-strapped Croydon Council is planning to fell more than 250 trees around … Continue reading

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Capital punishment: Tories could insist on 4.8% fares hike

London’s bus, Tube, rail and tram passengers could face a punitive near-5 per cent fare rise in January, the biggest price hike on the capital’s public transport network for 10 years. Annual fare increases are linked to the July inflation … Continue reading

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Croydon warns Whitehall it will end taking child asylum-seekers

Just as the US-backed government in Afghanistan collapsed under assault from the Taliban, with potentially tens of thousands of people urgently seeking refuge outside their homeland, so Croydon Council has announced that it will refuse to take any more unaccompanied … Continue reading

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Government made it easier for rich kids to make the grade

Last week’s covid-hit A level and GCSE results demonstrate huge disparities in our schools, particularly in Croydon, writes KEN TOWL Can we please stop talking about grade inflation? Sure, when the examination results were announced last week, at A level, … Continue reading

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Croydon riots 10 years on: Risks greater now than in 2011

The key risk factors which led to rioting in Croydon and across the country 10 years ago are “even greater today than in 2011”, leaving London at risk of riots. That’s according to a review by Steve Reed OBE, the … Continue reading

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Councillors were warned of financial crisis months in advance

CROYDON IN CRISIS: All but one of the borough’s Labour councillors voted that they had ‘confidence’ in Tony Newman and Simon Hall last year – just weeks after they had received a briefing note that told of an £85m budget … Continue reading

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Ticking boxes – how our council lets down staff and public

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A former council insider responds to our report about the borough’s vanishing street bins with their insight into the authority’s procurement process – which they find to be disorganised and open to potential corruption There is a big … Continue reading

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How DEMOC’s 10 reasons to have a mayor score just 2.5pts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The political campaigning ahead of October’s referendum over a directly elected mayor for the borough is underway, and at least one Croydon Conservative, BEN GADSBY (pictured right) thinks it is a waste of time and money I have … Continue reading

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1 in 4 Labour councillors choose not to seek selection for 2022

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports that Labour’s problems nationally are being reflected in the party’s selection process for next May’s council elections. Plus a change of mind by two of the council’s more notorious figures Almost one-quarter of the … Continue reading

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Tory minister Scully accused of ‘bungling’ over covid app gaffe

Paul Scully, the Tory MP for Sutton and Cheam, was derided as “bungling” today over his failure to understand his own government’s laws on covid-19 and self-isolation. In a live broadcast interview this morning, Scully claimed it was up to … Continue reading

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Mystery of the ‘lost’ £600,000 expert report into Fairfield Halls

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Suspicions mount over the business of Brick by Brick and the scandal surrounding the Fairfield Halls refurbishment. But even members of the Town Hall’s scrutiny committee are being denied vital information by council directors. By STEVEN DOWNES … Continue reading

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Three-quarters of iC readers say they will still wear masks

More than three-quarters of Inside Croydon readers say that they will continue to wear a face covering in public places, despite today’s government relaxation of precautions against the spread of covid-19. Today marks what some have tried to characterise as … Continue reading

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Those in power are enabling a whole culture of racism

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The overt racism that was witnessed following last Sunday’s Euro 2020 penalty shoot-out did not come as any surprise. By SANJANA IDNANI (right) This week, the nation has been shocked by racist abuse directed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon … Continue reading

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SDEN’s business plan ‘dishonest at best, fraudulent at worst’

Sutton’s LibDem council was last night forced to agree to an independent investigation into its failing heating company. CARL SHILTON reports Sutton Council’s controlling Liberal Democrats, after spending six years trying to deny that there was anything even vaguely suspicious … Continue reading

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Tories in reshuffle as Redfern and Streeter quit cabinet jobs

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports on the latest departures from the Conservatives’ front bench at the Town Hall Less than 10 months out from the borough-wide local elections, and with Labour in Croydon on the ropes after the scandals … Continue reading

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Reports on Fairfield Halls and BxB missing from audit meeting

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Tonight’s meeting of the council’s GPAC – General Purposes and Audit Committee – will mark the end of a error, as Labour councillors risk handing even more control to council executives. By STEVEN DOWNES Karen Jewitt, the … Continue reading

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Government orders councils to close covid emergency hotels

Local authorities across England, including Croydon Council, have been ordered by the government that they must close the hotels they used to house the homeless during the covid-19 pandemic, as a condition of the latest round of rough-sleeper funding. Inside … Continue reading

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Job cuts see council’s business close to breaking point

CROYDON IN CRISIS: So many staff have been made redundant at Fisher’s Folly that they now don’t have time even to draft meeting minutes of the Town Hall’s £1.5bn pension fund. By STEVEN DOWNES When the council’s planning committee convened … Continue reading

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