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Council motion defies Tory minister over referendum date

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The Labour group that controls the Town Hall has placed itself on a collision course with the Conservative Government over moves for a directly-elected mayor, reports WALTER CRONXITE Like two bald blokes fighting over a comb, the … Continue reading

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Going cheap: one Mayoral car, one not-so-careful owner

Cash-strapped Croydon Council has been forced to diversify and go into the duckin’ and divin’ world of the used car trade, just like Arthur Daley. You can imagine the notice in the small ads: “Going cheap: one mayoral limousine, low … Continue reading

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‘Best in the business’ Creatura lands new Westminster job

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the latest job manoeuvre by someone whose political ambitions exceed his abilities Mario Creatura, the Tory councillor who sought the help of the SPAC Nation cult church to try to win him the Croydon Central … Continue reading

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Labour councillor disputes cost savings over referendum

A senior Labour councillor has produced more red herrings than you will find in an EU fishing quota, as he has claimed that staging a referendum in May over the way the council is run won’t save a penny for … Continue reading

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Tory minister orders council to hold mayor vote on May 6

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports on the latest massive set-back for the council’s crumbling administration In what will be a withering blow for the Labour Party in Croydon, the Government has this afternoon ordered Hamida Ali, the leader of the … Continue reading

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Croydon In Crisis: Government to take charge of council

EXCLUSIVE: Tory minister expected to appoint an ‘improvement board’ to oversee the running of the borough. By STEVEN DOWNES The hopes of senior Croydon politicians to retain some control as they try to manage the council out of its financial … Continue reading

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Croydon children given out of date bread in their food parcels

Bungling Boris Johnson was forced yesterday to admit that his government food parcels for hungry children are a “disgrace”. But Inside Croydon has discovered that state-funded packages distributed to some children in this borough have distributed with even less in … Continue reading

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Binmageddon!: Council blunders again over garden waste

The serial incompetence of the propaganda department at Labour-run Croydon Council has managed to hand another (albeit minor) political victory to the Tory opposition, this time over the suspension of the borough’s garden waste service. As Inside Croydon was first … Continue reading

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Ali announces Labour U-turn over staging of mayor referendum

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the latest potentially costly change in position performed by the cash-strapped council The council’s Labour leadership today confirmed a massive U-turn on its previous opposition to having a referendum for a directly-elected mayor – … Continue reading

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May 6? Maybe not, as Johnson prepares for new lockdown

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the implications of any extension to the coronavirus restrictions for the borough’s leafleting cult and the London elections Westminster observers are already predicting that the London Mayoral and Assembly elections, which were postponed from … Continue reading

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Tory councillors object to anarchists’ solstice sacrifice video

Croydon’s largest group of anarchists have expressed outrage that a video they had prepared to celebrate the winter solstice has been removed from a community Facebook page – because Tory councillors claimed that the short movie was “partisan” and “too … Continue reading

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Croydon’s coronavirus deaths pass 500 as Tier 4 begins

Government has been aware of rocketing infection rates of new variant of covid-19 for two weeks before Prime Minister announced the Christmas lockdown last night The new coronavirus lockdown measures introduced today could not have come a moment too soon … Continue reading

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MP Reed discovers 20-20 hindsight over council finances

Steve Reed OBE, the Blairite MP for Croydon North, has broken his silence over the collapse of Croydon Council’s finances to make a claim that he had in some way been misled over the state of the bankrupt borough’s books. … Continue reading

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Croydon gets Commons debate, but Labour MPs go AWOL

The collapse of Croydon Council’s finances got a debate all to itself at the House of Commons last week. But two of the borough’s three MPs didn’t bother to show up. Adjournment debates are a peculiar piece of parliamentary procedure, … Continue reading

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Council hands Jenrick a begging letter asking for £150m

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The council’s old-new leader faces an agonising wait – and probably another Section 114 notice by December 23 – as Whitehall ponders over a multi-million-pound loan. By KEN LEE, our Town Hall reporter Croydon’s Labour-run Council confirmed … Continue reading

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Councillors agree to cut their allowances by £300,000 per year

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, reports on how Town Hall figures have finally got round to making their own ‘symbolic’ contribution to the borough’s financial crisis which they helped to create Six months after the financial distress signals went up from … Continue reading

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Perry’s Tories make call for cuts that have already been agreed

WALTER CRONXITE on the political games being played out at the Town Hall The dozy Tory opposition at Croydon Town Hall has today demanded an extraordinary council meeting (yes, another one!) to consider a motion to cut councillors’ allowances – … Continue reading

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Barwell’s Downing Street book is promising ‘revelations’

Gavin Barwell, the author of the less-than-acclaimed How To Lose A Marginal Seat, has been signed up to write another book. As if the £305 per day attendance allowance at the House of Lords was not enough, nor the various … Continue reading

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Council’s Christmas present to Croydon: another S114 notice

Ho! Ho! Ho! The countdown to Christmas at the council’s Fisher Folly offices began in earnest this morning with the issuing of a Section 114 notice – another one – signalling that officials are still unable to deliver a balanced … Continue reading

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Why selling the unsaleable is not the answer on Brick by Brick

CROYDON IN CRISIS: It is nearly three years since this website began exposing the financial disaster that Brick by Brick was creating for Croydon Council. NICHOLAS PANES, the construction industry expert who advised on our reports, looks at the options … Continue reading

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Lacey still spinning as he hangs on to his job at Brick by Brick

It is not only the former council chief exec who has shown unconcealed contempt for the borough’s residents. Now, as our housing correspondent BARRATT HOLMES reports, the discredited head of the council-owned builders is pushing his luck, too Colm Lacey … Continue reading

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‘The Tories have given us a sticking plaster for a broken bone’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: It’s time to take a step back from the council’s financial crisis and look at the bigger picture, says the Green Party’s PETER UNDERWOOD We know that the problems at Croydon Council are due to a long history … Continue reading

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Tory-controlled Bexley now asks for multi-million bail-out

Croydon’s Tories have been crowing loud in recent days over the failure of the Labour-controlled council, but they might need to temper their politically-charged triumphalism somewhat, given that Bexley has now also gone to the government with a begging bowl. … Continue reading

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Officials to investigate possible wrong-doing at council

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Selflessness. Integrity. Objectivity. Accountability. Openness. Honesty. Truthfulness. Leadership. The Nolan Principles in public office are at last to be used as a test of the council’s leaders. By STEVEN DOWNES An investigation into whether disciplinary action should … Continue reading

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Fixing our bankrupt council needs a longer-term, Greener view

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Croydon is in crisis. We need to deal with the immediate priorities, find a way out of it and make sure it never happens again, says PETER UNDERWOOD (pictured right) As in any crisis, our first priority should … Continue reading

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