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All Labour’s leaflets can’t paper over the lack of ‘quick wins’

In a quiet moment, WALTER CRONXITE has been crunching some numbers, and has found that if there was to be a snap General Election in 2017, little would alter as far as Croydon’s MPs are concerned There is a significant … Continue reading

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Watson: There’s nothing council can do over £1.4bn Westfield

WALTER CRONXITE, who watches council meetings so that you don’t have to, on the latest Town Hall scrutiny committee meeting The council has no “leverage” to encourage Westfield and Hammerson to speed up the delivery of their £1.4billion redevelopment of … Continue reading

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Council gives one week’s notice of its latest Surrey St meeting

Sshhh! Don’t tell everyone, but Croydon Council is staging a meeting next week to explain how it is going to spend £1million of your money on one of the most historically important areas of the borough. The “informal” meeting, about … Continue reading

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Council CEO Negrini’s self-promotion is based on half-truths

STEVEN DOWNES, the editor of Inside Croydon, highlights the latest example of shameless self-promotion by the borough’s highest paid public servant You’d be forgiven if you missed it. There was lots of other news around that day, and lots of … Continue reading

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‘We want to review £1.4bn Westfield plans’ says panel co-chair

STEVEN DOWNES reports on how a panel of design, engineering and architecture experts assembled by the council might yet be denied the chance to review the biggest regeneration scheme in Croydon for generations One of the co-chairs of the Croydon … Continue reading

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Looking to history to rediscover the town centre’s beating heart

This is Croydon’s original Town Hall, what was once the beating heart of the old town’s business and trading centre. The Market House, which is thought to have been built at least by 1609, stood near the corner of the … Continue reading

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Housing minister Barwell opposes homes for travellers

Gavin Barwell is the housing minister in the Conservative government who keeps saying how important it is to provide thousands of new homes. But it turns out that Barwell is utterly opposed to providing somewhere to live for gypsies and … Continue reading

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