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Council puts hotel and College Green up for sale for just £40m

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Two prime sites, owned by the council, are the latest public assets to be off-loaded on the cheap. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The cash-strapped council’s fire-sale of public assets continues, with the Croydon Park Hotel and College … Continue reading

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The fix is in: Labour leaders endorse status quo on 14% turnout

CROYDON IN CRISIS: After overseeing the failure of the borough’s children’s services, setting up the loss-making Brick by Brick, presiding over slum-like conditions in council flats and bankrupting the borough, some of Tony Newman’s closest colleagues are claiming ‘victory’ over … Continue reading

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Reed rails against Tory plans, as his mates flog off public park

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council pushes on with its plans to sell off part of Grangewood Park, a ‘quiet secluded oasis in the heart of a busy local area’, while Blairite MP does nothing to oppose. By STEVEN DOWNES As Steve … Continue reading

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Government inspector’s concerns over BxB sweetheart deal

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Jenrick’s improvement board raises serious questions over whether the quick sale of the council’s failed development company could end up costing tax-payers many millions of pounds, while its latest report criticises borough officials’ ‘lack of self-awareness’. By … Continue reading

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Ali’s latest gaffe attracts ridicule over landlord licensing

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council leader reacts with dismay at loss of £20m in licence fees, as Labour councillors question lack of support from their new chief executive. By STEVEN DOWNES Hamida Ali, the council leader, opened herself up again to … Continue reading

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Jenrick rejects Croydon’s landlord licence scheme application

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The government has binned an application to extend the borough’s landlord licensing scheme, saying that the council failed to provide any housing strategy. EXCLUSIVE By STEVEN DOWNES Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, has rejected … Continue reading

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Coulsdon concern as planning’s husband and wife act returns

Coulsdon residents are expressing grave concerns about serious potential conflicts of interest in the council’s planning department and proposals to build two massive blocks of flats in a quiet, tree-lined residential cul-de-sac. The developers at the centre of the latest … Continue reading

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Delays at Croydon put Parkrun’s national return in jeopardy

Delays at Croydon Council could force the abandonment of the post-covid return of hundreds of popular Parkruns across England. Following the government’s “roadmap” out of lockdown, national organisers have been targeting June 26 as their English resumption date – but … Continue reading

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Residents’ group pledges to keep up the fight for decent homes

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Three months after a TV news report shocked the nation, tenants in South Norwood council flats say they are still being let down by the council The residents’ group that was set up in South Norwood as … Continue reading

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Commissioner says Croydon can recover – with another £30m

CROYDON IN CRISIS: A report from commissioners overseeing another local authority that went bankrupt offers troubling parallels closer to home. STEVEN DOWNES reports Croydon Council can get itself out of financial trouble – but only if Whitehall stumps up another … Continue reading

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Trading Standards delivers 17th court win against knife crime

A court case brought by Croydon Council Trading Standards against a firm selling dangerous weapons online to children has brought a prosecution and £25,000 in fines and costs against the company. The case, brought against Daventry-based Extreme GB Ltd, was … Continue reading

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Council to take 40 years to pay off losses from YourCare firm

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council to write-off another six-figure sum after a feeble venture into the home aids retail market fell flat. By STEVEN DOWNES Another reminder of the disastrous and costly decisions of Tony Newman and Simon Hall when they … Continue reading

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Poor turn-out shows disenchantment with local Labour Party

WALTER CRONXITE reports on how a slip of the tongue exposed the charade of Labour councillors’ ‘consultation’. Plus another supporter of Steve Reed is placed in charge of local candidate selections The charade that is Croydon Labour’s “consultation” with its … Continue reading

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Community builders ask locals what kind of homes they want

Crystal Palace Community Land Trust is asking people who live or work in and around Crystal Palace to complete a housing needs survey, with a chance for a £50 prize. The survey launch follows the shocking reports of slum conditions … Continue reading

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Climate Commission report presents challenges for council

A council-commissioned report has been published on the borough’s response to the climate emergency. Say its authors, “The clock is ticking on climate change… we need to ensure that we are building an economy fit for the future.” The 59-page … Continue reading

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£50m shortfall in Home Office payments for asylum children

The council says that the government has underpaid it by around £50million, money which it says is owed for taking care of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who arrive in the UK in Croydon. The council claims that over the past decade … Continue reading

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Kerswell was only interviewee for £192,000 council top job

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council announces chief exec appointment – after the only alternative candidate dropped out. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The council this afternoon announced that the £192,474 per year job of chief executive has been offered to Katherine Kerswell, … Continue reading

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Directly electing our mayor offers chance of a fresh start

CROYDON COMMENTARY: ‘I don’t want my town to be defined by failed leadership, dodgy deals and zero scrutiny’, says Labour Party member JO TANNER (pictured) I am Croydon born and raised – and although I don’t see the place through … Continue reading

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How remote meetings sometimes bring the council closer

Have we inadvertently discovered a better way of staging some council meetings? Croydon councillor ROBERT WARD thinks so Imagine we had decided in the pre-pandemic world to run council meetings remotely. There would have been studies, options analyses, pilot projects, … Continue reading

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Voting figures suggest there’s a storm coming for Labour

Croydon’s own red wall turned blue in the London elections this month. Ward-level voting figures provide more bad news for Labour in Croydon, reports our resident psephologist, WALTER CRONXITE The unseasonable heavy rainfall in May is not the only reason … Continue reading

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Brick by Brick and the 18 documents officers want kept secret

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Not for the first time, elected councillors have been denied vital information about Town Hall deals. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Croydon Conservatives have “called in” for extra scrutiny three multi-million-pound deals intended to off-load the council’s loss-making … Continue reading

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The time might be right for Croydon’s own Independents’ Day

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The council’s political duopoly has failed, so often and so miserably, that the time might have come for the borough’s long-suffering residents to try a different approach to running the Town Hall, says TIM RODGERS, pictured right It’s … Continue reading

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Council seeks partners to provide school holiday clubs

Thousands of Croydon children who qualify for free school meals will be offered activity clubs and healthy meals over the summer and Christmas holidays this year, all at no charge. The council has received (an unspecified amount of) funding from … Continue reading

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Council’s £6.8m bus shelter deal with 9-month-old tech firm

There’s good news for any Croydon bus passengers who during this week’s stormy weather have been battered and rained on while waiting for their transport at bus stops without their usual shelters. Inevitably, though, this being Croydon, there’s some bad … Continue reading

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Covid pressures could see homelessness soar, warn boroughs

London faces the most severe homelessness crisis in the country, according to the capitals borough councils, as they face a “triple whammy” of upcoming risks over the summer, as lockdown restrictions and special covid-19 emergency aid for the homeless are … Continue reading

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