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Police name teenager killed in Bensham Manor stabbing

Council’s cabinet member admits that crime strategy is still being ‘developed’, two years after an out-of-work Labour politician was put in charge of the borough’s ‘violent crime reduction network’ The police have named the second Croydon 16-year-old to have been … Continue reading

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London Mayor insists on masks on capital’s public transport

Face coverings must be worn on London’s buses, trains, Tube and trams, despite lockdown restrictions easing on Monday, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, announced overnight. Mayor Khan has made “the right decision”, according to Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones. … Continue reading

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Ali apologises to New Addington residents after BxB ‘raid’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Earlier this month council figures offered to let residents have the publicly-owned community space at Warbank Crescent – provided they coughed up £180,000 to Brick by Brick. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Never let it be said that … Continue reading

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Brick by Brick use police to remove New Addington residents

Only “frantic calls” to the local MP and councillors managed to get the police to stand down from “horrifying scenes” in New Addington this morning, as a council official colluded with staff from Brick by Brick to have residents removed … Continue reading

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The fix is in: Labour leaders endorse status quo on 14% turnout

CROYDON IN CRISIS: After overseeing the failure of the borough’s children’s services, setting up the loss-making Brick by Brick, presiding over slum-like conditions in council flats and bankrupting the borough, some of Tony Newman’s closest colleagues are claiming ‘victory’ over … Continue reading

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The axeman cometh: the latest (really) bad idea for Boxpark

Croydon is about to get its first axe-throwing bar at Boozepark. That’s right: a bar, selling booze, next to East Croydon Station, providing axes to its customers as a form of recreation. In central Croydon, a place already with a … Continue reading

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Boundary Commission recommends four MPs for Croydon

Croydon is to get an extra MP under far-reaching proposed changes to parliamentary constituencies released overnight by the Boundary Commission for England. Under changes which have been years in the making, England will have the number of seats in the … Continue reading

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Bridge House gets its water supply restored – but only just

Residents in Bridge House were able to have a cup of tea with their breakfast today, and perhaps even take a shower, as their water supply was finally reconnected in the early hours of this morning – nearly four days … Continue reading

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Barwell and four ex-ministers summoned to Grenfell inquiry

Gavin Barwell, the former Conservative MP for Croydon Central, is one of five former government ministers who will be called to give evidence to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in the autumn. “Lord” Barwell is to be summoned together with his … Continue reading

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MP says agents lied over water outage in Waterworks Yard

A Croydon MP has accused a firm of managing agents of having lied, as residents in a town centre block of flats were left without water for nearly four days and with no functioning lift. Some of the residents of … Continue reading

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Labour councillors set to support discredited leader system

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Some of the borough’s politicians have again placed their own self-interests ahead of the public and come up with another dodgy decision, writes WALTER CRONXITE, political editor Not content with having crashed the council’s finances, the Labour … Continue reading

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Barwell backs Cummings’ call for inquiry into covid response

Gavin “Lord” Barwell, the former Croydon MP and sometime Downing Street chief of staff, has waded into the row over yesterday’s explosive account of the government’s chaotic and ill-prepared response to covid-19 given to a Westminster committee by Dominic Cummings. … Continue reading

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The time might be right for Croydon’s own Independents’ Day

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The council’s political duopoly has failed, so often and so miserably, that the time might have come for the borough’s long-suffering residents to try a different approach to running the Town Hall, says TIM RODGERS, pictured right It’s … Continue reading

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Leader’s office forced Labour mayors to pull out of meeting

Officials working for Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, backed by his party’s two Croydon MPs, pressured a pair of directly-elected mayors from other London boroughs to pull out of a public meeting held in Croydon last night. “We were lent … Continue reading

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‘Deeply shocking’ report shows council’s ‘serious failure’

The pressure increased on Hamida Ali, the leader of Croydon Council, as the Town Hall’s pay-masters, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, issued a statement today in response to the notice issued by the Social Housing Regulator which … Continue reading

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You’re caught in a trap: Barwell’s election advice to Labour

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Recriminations over Thursday’s elections, in particular Labour’s loss of the Hartlepool parliamentary seat, will continue for some days yet as other results, including the London Assembly and council by-elections, trickle in. Here, former Tory MP GAVIN BARWELL, pictured, … Continue reading

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Banned! Barwell blocks Inside Croydon from his little chat

In the week that the Grenfell fire inquiry resumed, the former minister who failed to act on multiple warnings about the dangers around tower blocks is staging a cosy little fund-raiser all about his ‘career’. We wanted to listen in. … Continue reading

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‘Appalled’ Jenrick seeks ‘urgent answers’ over Croydon flats

Croydon Council has been roundly criticised for its failures to act over the chronic and dangerous water leaks and long-term damp in its block of flats in South Norwood. The appalling conditions – described as “the worst I have ever … Continue reading

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MP calls on Chancellor for fairer funding for south London

Sarah Jones, the MP for Croydon Central, used a speech in parliament’s Budget debate yesterday to repeat her call for East Croydon Station to be “re-zoned” in the capital’s public transport fares system to Zone 4 – even though her … Continue reading

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Newman supporters stage takeover of local Labour party

The ‘Starmerisation’ of the Labour Party last week saw supporters of Croydon’s disgraced former council leader rally to his cause. By WALTER CRONXITE, political editor Friends and supporters of Tony Newman staged a takeover of his local Labour Party last … Continue reading

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Town Hall unions to stage virtual rally against council cuts

Trades unions representing the council’s workers are launching a “Save Our Croydon” campaign to protect jobs and services, with a virtual rally on Facebook this Tuesday. They will be protesting against job cuts that are being made and express “legitimate … Continue reading

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‘Best in the business’ Creatura lands new Westminster job

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the latest job manoeuvre by someone whose political ambitions exceed his abilities Mario Creatura, the Tory councillor who sought the help of the SPAC Nation cult church to try to win him the Croydon Central … Continue reading

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South Norwood library needs £900,000 more to be fit to open

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Mounting repair bills has seen the bankrupt council earmark five public libraries for possible closure. But they are not saying how much they might make if they sell the properties. Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports More … Continue reading

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Did We Have News For You: council’s 2020 financial crash

As 2020 moved through May to August, the local authority had more than the coronavirus to cope with, as the pandemic exposed the authority’s shaky financial position. And Inside Croydon led in its coverage of the cash-strapped Town Hall. Here’s … Continue reading

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That Was The Year That Was: 2020’s most-read stories

Even without the global pandemic’s impact on the borough and its people, this has been an astonishing 12 months for news in Croydon. In this first part of our review of the year, Editor STEVEN DOWNES guides you through some … Continue reading

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