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Millions of questions for BHLive over Fairfield grant aid

CROYDON IN CRISIS: It’s like nothing has ever changed at the borough’s prestigious arts centre, where tribute acts still dominate its sparse programme, while the venue operators are staying schtum about how they’re spending public money. By our arts correspondent, … Continue reading

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Flemming forced to drop plan to close two children’s centres

The council has been forced to back down from cost-cutting proposals, including closures, that will have impacted thousands of the borough’s children and the families. The council wanted to reduce its spend on its Best Start Children’s Centres by £1million … Continue reading

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Council planners’ 3-month delay over Sanderstead complaint

When senior officials in Croydon’s planning department refuse to acknowledge their own serious errors, can residents rely on the council’s complaints system? Not if the latest development fiasco in Riddlesdown is anything to go by, says STEVE WHITESIDE Deliberate delays … Continue reading

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Ofsted discover ‘worrying signs’ of cuts on children’s services

Inspectors from Ofsted have warned that some of the borough’s most vulnerable children may be put at greater risk as a consequence of cuts and redundancies caused by the council’s financial collapse. Ofsted inspectors last month carried out their latest … Continue reading

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Former health director suing council for constructive dismissal

CROYDON IN CRISIS: ‘Kerswell’s cull’ of the council’s executive directors appointed or promoted by her predecessor, Jo Negrini,  is not going as smoothly as might have been hoped. And it appears that most will escape any disciplinary action. By STEVEN … Continue reading

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How DEMOC’s 10 reasons to have a mayor score just 2.5pts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The political campaigning ahead of October’s referendum over a directly elected mayor for the borough is underway, and at least one Croydon Conservative, BEN GADSBY (pictured right) thinks it is a waste of time and money I have … Continue reading

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Lewis launches reading challenge – when 11 libraries are shut

CROYDON IN CRISIS: As the council’s second consultation in a year to shut down a statutory service comes to an end, eight of the borough’s libraries remain closed for the majority of the week. By STEVEN DOWNES With all the … Continue reading

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1 in 4 Labour councillors choose not to seek selection for 2022

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports that Labour’s problems nationally are being reflected in the party’s selection process for next May’s council elections. Plus a change of mind by two of the council’s more notorious figures Almost one-quarter of the … Continue reading

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Starmer’s Labour is ‘losing members, losing funds, losing staff’

Former Corbyn adviser warns that if the opposition leader can’t improve the fortunes of Labour, ‘then he has to go’, as it emerges that Croydon-based firm has been doing consultancy work as the party is making dozens of staff redundant. … Continue reading

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Mystery of the ‘lost’ £600,000 expert report into Fairfield Halls

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Suspicions mount over the business of Brick by Brick and the scandal surrounding the Fairfield Halls refurbishment. But even members of the Town Hall’s scrutiny committee are being denied vital information by council directors. By STEVEN DOWNES … Continue reading

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Cyclists still forced to ride on dangerous roads to nowhere

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A recent report on the state of the borough’s  unhealthy streets has caused dismay for DAN MAERTENS Dismay. That was my first thought when reading the report on Inside Croydon about our borough’s poor rating as far as … Continue reading

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Croydon Labour spread the word – and a risk of the virus

Croydon’s group of inept Labour councillors is back doing what they do best: being inept. Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports As a third wave of covid lets rip (nearly 1,200 new cases of infection in the last seven days in … Continue reading

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Fore! Golf course and hotel latest properties in council fire sale

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Four public-owned properties, not mentioned in the council’s original disposals list, are now being sold off as the Town Hall gets itself out of the hotels business. By PEARL LEE, our south of the borough correspondent The … Continue reading

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Scott and Butler among the ‘numpties’ looking to stand again

CROYDON IN CRISIS: No shame, no accountability, no remorse – Tony Newman’s ‘inner circle’ at the council who helped bankrupt the borough to seek selection to stand again. By STEVEN DOWNES Paul Scott and Alison Butler, two of the leading … Continue reading

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Police name teenager killed in Bensham Manor stabbing

Council’s cabinet member admits that crime strategy is still being ‘developed’, two years after an out-of-work Labour politician was put in charge of the borough’s ‘violent crime reduction network’ The police have named the second Croydon 16-year-old to have been … Continue reading

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Complaints to regulator over council’s £100m pensions deal

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The scandals at Fisher’s Folly surrounding questionable property transactions keep emerging. EXCLUSIVE By STEVEN DOWNES The council’s £1.5billion pension fund has been the subject of two complaints to the statutory watchdog, the Pensions Regulator, Inside Croydon has … Continue reading

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Reports on Fairfield Halls and BxB missing from audit meeting

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Tonight’s meeting of the council’s GPAC – General Purposes and Audit Committee – will mark the end of a error, as Labour councillors risk handing even more control to council executives. By STEVEN DOWNES Karen Jewitt, the … Continue reading

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Job cuts see council’s business close to breaking point

CROYDON IN CRISIS: So many staff have been made redundant at Fisher’s Folly that they now don’t have time even to draft meeting minutes of the Town Hall’s £1.5bn pension fund. By STEVEN DOWNES When the council’s planning committee convened … Continue reading

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Government-appointed advisers pulled plug on BxB sale

CROYDON IN CRISIS: ‘Improvement Panel’ ordered council to abandon its poor-value deal to sell Brick by Brick, and instead to pay Wates Construction £1.12m to oversee the loss-making builders’ work on 23 sites. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Hamida Ali, the … Continue reading

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‘Apologetic Ali’ fails once again as BxB sends in the builders

Council leader tells community meeting she is powerless to act against the council-owned development company, as New Addington residents’ five-year campaign to save a communal space comes to a sad end. By STEVEN DOWNES Not for the first time, Croydon … Continue reading

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Council abandons its £100m discount sale of Brick by Brick

A deal to off-load the loss-making housing firm at a massive loss to tax-payers has been dropped. By STEVEN DOWNES Croydon Council has been forced to abandon plans to flog-off loss-making builders Brick by Brick. The council’s interim head of … Continue reading

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Ali apologises to New Addington residents after BxB ‘raid’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Earlier this month council figures offered to let residents have the publicly-owned community space at Warbank Crescent – provided they coughed up £180,000 to Brick by Brick. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Never let it be said that … Continue reading

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Croydon In Crisis: Now council wants to charge kids to play

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Our cash-strapped council is so hard-up, they want to charge kids hundreds of pounds for the simple pleasure of playing in the street outside their homes. EMMA HOPE-FITCH explains Back in 2015, I had the pleasure of organising … Continue reading

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After eight-year wait, Taberner House flats near completion

A housing project which even Tony Newman and his numpties refused to entrust to Brick by Brick is finally nearing completion after an eight-year development saga. By our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES Eight years since the council moved out of … Continue reading

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Council puts hotel and College Green up for sale for just £40m

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Two prime sites, owned by the council, are the latest public assets to be off-loaded on the cheap. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The cash-strapped council’s fire-sale of public assets continues, with the Croydon Park Hotel and College … Continue reading

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