‘Nostradamus Newman’ and his hot air on Heathrow expansion

If there was any remaining doubt, Tony Newman demonstrated yet again today that he don’t half talk some rubbish.

low-flying-aircraft-heathrow-gatwickLabour’s leader of Croydon Council decided to stick his two penn’orth in to the airport  debate, in the midst of the Tory Government’s decision to go with a third runway at Heathrow.

“It’s clear whatever side of the argument you’re on, the only option that can realistically deliver is Gatwick,” Newman said.

Except that is not the case, because those people on the Heathrow “side of the argument”, as Newman puts it, suggest that Heathrow is the only option that can realistically deliver. Clearly. Continue reading

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Re-flowering of Saffron Farm means volunteers needed again

Another year with the Taberner House site undeveloped for new homes means another autumn harvest at what calls itself “the world’s largest urban pop-up saffron farm”*.

crocus-1Flowers have begun to appear from around 17,000 Crocus Sativus corms potted out on the site of the council’s former office tower, all set to be in full bloom in early November.

The site – an unlikely rural oasis, sandwiched in between Park Lane and the Flyover, with the Fairfield Halls and the Town Hall nearby – was given to the crocus project just over a year ago, when the officials who are really in charge of Croydon Council realised they weren’t going to be able to deliver the new homes on the town centre location that it had promised any time soon, and they needed something warm and comforting as a distraction device. And since kitten farming has potential drawbacks, another scheme was needed… Continue reading

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And then there were none: journo No4 quits Croydon Guardian

Will the last person to leave the Croydon Guardian offices please turn off the lights?

Nick Hitchens: has opted to leave Newsquest's south London free newspaper group

Nick Hitchens: has opted to leave Newsquest’s south London free newspaper group

As the journalists on Croydon and Sutton’s free newspapers extend their dispute with rapacious owners Newsquest over compulsory redundancies, news comes of yet another staff departure, permanently: Nick Hitchens.

Friday was the final day in the office for the former chief reporter and later assistant editor who had been promoted to the role of deputy managing group editor (which probably was never quite as grand as it sounds).

Hitchens had worked on the Sutton and Croydon titles since 2011, and had developed a reputation for delivering some hard-hitting exclusives of genuine importance to south Londoners.

Hitchens is the fourth member of staff on the Croydon-Sutton titles known to have quit the papers, amid a dispute over management policy which union officials have described as “slash and burn”. Rather than struggle on with a management which has a determined policy of disinvestment, reporters Dan O’Mahoney and Andrea Downey left earlier in the month, and as had been trailed by Inside Croydon, Chris Baynes, the titles’ news editor, has now also left. Continue reading

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Leonard props up at Warlingham’s international rugby festival

Jason Leonard used to dish it out during his record-breaking England international rugby career. And he was dishing it up at Warlingham RFC on Sunday

Warlingham rugby club’s recruitment of kitchen staff appears to be thriving, as last weekend they had World Cup-winning prop forward Jason Leonard dishing up the food at an international mini festival for eight- to 12-year-olds staged at Hamsey Green.

Teams from Stade Francais in Paris and Arquitectura in Madrid joined more than 300 youngsters, with players from Old Dartfordians, Dorking, Haywards Heath and Sutton and Epsom also taking part. Continue reading

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BearDog presents Do You Mind?, Spread Eagle Theatre, Nov 4

do-you-mind Continue reading

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Lawyers angered as Croydon MP Philp lobbies for insurers

Chris Philp, the Conservative MP for Croydon South, is lobbying the justice minister, Liz Truss, today.

Philp is not doing so on behalf of his constituents in Croydon.

Not sure if he's in or out: Croydon South MP Chris Philp

Croydon South MP Chris Philp: lobbying for insurers

He’s taking time out of his busy schedule and using an opportunity to meet a cabinet minister on behalf of … the Association of British Insurers.

Much in the same way that Philp took time last week to speak to a meeting of… the Association of British Insurers.

Why? He says because he’s been pestered with cold calls from firms who want to encourage him to commit a form of fraud by making an insurance claim for whiplash injuries which he may, or may not, have suffered in a recent accident.

The Association of British Insurers want a change in the law because all the small claims they receive from their customers, many after generally minor traffic accidents, have been chipping away at their otherwise humongous profits. Continue reading

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Croydon Assembly, A People’s Plan, Ruskin House, Nov 26

peoples-assembly Continue reading

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