Croydon Tories fail to act over candidate’s ‘scumbag’ abuse

A Croydon Tory activist, who was a Conservative candidate for the council in 2014, has been told to apologise and his party urged to act for calling rail union members “scumbags” over the Southern Railways dispute.

Andrew Stevensen as a Tory Party candidate in 2014

The abusive Andrew Stevensen on a Tory Party leaflet in 2014

Veteran Labour councillor Pat Ryan called out Andrew Stevensen for his remarks, and now says that the reaction of Stevensen and his party colleagues shows that “the Nasty Party is alive and well and active here in Croydon”.

Ryan’s calls for Croydon Tories to take some form of disciplinary action against one of their prominent members for online abuse was met with the now familiar diversionary responses, with questions about the local Labour group’s support for the industrial action by the RMT and ASLEF unions.

Croydon Tories have a poor track record when it comes to taking  action over its members’ abuse and racism on social media: the Conservatives have never publicly rebuked Anne Piles, of Selsdon, for her public expressions of prejudice against travellers and gypsies and her use of the “N” word.

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‘The Nasty Party is alive and well and active in Croydon’

PaT RyanCROYDON COMMENTARY: Veteran Labour councillor for Upper Norwood, PAT RYAN, pictured left, was disappointed to see a local Tory activist being abusive to trade unionists on social media. Here, he calls on Andrew Stevensen and his party to do the decent thing

I worked as a professional BT engineer for decades. This nationalised utility was a well-run, efficient, cost-effective operation. I served a convenor for many of those years, working to establish industrial harmony and value for money for residents in the area who used BT. Continue reading

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Developers threaten public inquiry over Long Lane housing

Croydon Council could be hauled before a public inquiry to explain its planning department’s decision to refuse permission to the Hyde Group to build 129 homes on the site of the World of Golf driving range on Long Lane.

hyde-group-logoCouncil officials working in the planning department did not even allow the application to go before the planning committee of elected councillors, instead refusing the scheme by stating, “The proposal represents inappropriate development on Metropolitan Open Land.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Greater London Authority had also previously dismissed the application as “inappropriate”. Continue reading

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Boxpark switches job ad to get round Living Wage rules

Hardly a beacon of best practice when it comes to paying the London Living Wage

Hardly a beacon of best practice when it comes to paying the London Living Wage

Boxpark, the council-subsidised food and booze venue, has dropped its low-pay internship advertisement, after Inside Croydon highlighted how it was offering to pay a miserly £6.50 per hour, well below the London Living Wage.

Now, Boozepark has re-jigged the ad, making the vacancy for an “apprentice”, but on exactly the same cheap terms. This comes less than a week after the Labour-run council’s cabinet member for the economy and jobs told a Town Hall meeting that the council “is helping Boxpark with their registration with the Living Wage Foundation”. Continue reading

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All Labour’s leaflets can’t paper over the lack of ‘quick wins’

In a quiet moment, WALTER CRONXITE has been crunching some numbers, and has found that if there was to be a snap General Election in 2017, little would alter as far as Croydon’s MPs are concerned

Awkward. We all make mistakes, Theresa

Gavin Barwell to Theresa Maybe: ‘Right now really would be a very good time to hold a General Election, Prime Minister’

There is a significant number of parliamentary by-elections already likely to take place this year in what are Labour-held seats. Some Labour MPs have suddenly discovered that the ceramics are more charming in the V&A than in the Potteries or they are running for very winnable Mayoralties in cities, instead of sitting behind or beside Jeremy Corbyn while biting their tongues.

It all means that there is a real prospect that Theresa Maybe could be the first Prime Minister to gain a seat in a parliamentary by-election since Margaret Thatcher saw Angela Rumbold take Mitcham and Morden in 1983. Any such gains might just tempt the Tories’ unelected Prime Minister to forget about all this fixed-term parliament nonsense and seek her own mandate from the country. Continue reading

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Coulsdon’s Carservatives declare: ‘Carry on Speeding’

The Tories in Coulsdon have formed an unholy alliance with a car campaigner whose extreme conduct even saw him kicked out of UKIP. Our transport correspondent JEREMY CLACKSON reports

20mph zoneThe leadership of the Croydon Conservatives has been issuing post-truth emails to their members in the south of the borough which include clearly recognisable phrases and false claims usually made by a car campaigner that include dire warnings that the roads around Tory heartland Coulson might, gulp, suffer a fate worse than death: 20mph speed limits.

Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader will already be familiar with Peter Morgan, who was kicked out of the Tory Party and even expelled by UKIP, and who holds views on road safety which are so hilarious that they have been laughed out of court (well, public inquiries).

In this Forrest Trump world, though, facts are to be dispensed with, and what counts is getting the mob to believe whatever suits demagogic politicians. So in Coulsdon, Croydon Tories have been parroting many of Morgan’s untrue claims about 20mph, regurgitating uncritically from the materials he has produced on behalf of the fanatical Alliance of British Drivers.

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Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan, Park Hill, Feb 11

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