Council planning chief’s ‘new way of working’ for Brick by Brick

Having managed to piss off people from Upper Norwood to Purley, from Shirley to Coulsdon, Brick by Brick, the council’s wholly owned and wholly opaque home-building company, and the Town Hall planning department are undertaking a pre-Christmas charm offensive.

The green beside Ruskin House which Brick by Brick wants to concrete over and build an as yet unspecified number of flats

For many who have observed the conduct of the company so far, it may be a bit late for that.

This Wednesday, December 13, Brick by Brick will be setting out their stall in Ruskin House to demonstrate that building on one of the few remaining patches of open space in the town centre will somehow help ease the housing crisis, while also not jeopardising the state of the Grade II-listed neighbouring building.

Those living on the other side of Coombe Road, in Heathfield Gardens, have already been dumped upon by Brick by Brick, as flat owners and tenants have been ordered out of their garage spaces to allow for the already densely populated area to have further housing built there. Continue reading

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Croydon’s cosiest pubs for Christmas: our insider’s guide/2

Most local pubs do make some concessions to Christmas time

In his selfless quest to find Croydon’s cosiest pubs for Christmas, KEN TOWL is heading into the town centre

From South Norwood and Selhurst, arriving in the town centre, so far the Christmas quotient has not risen above 6/10 in the pubs visited. Continue reading

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Croydon’s cosiest pubs for Christmas: our insider’s guide/3

The White Bear: a tavern, not an over-large drinking cavern

KEN TOWL’s  on the last leg … on his last legs? … as his search for Croydon’s cosiest Christmas pub nears its end

The pubs run by the large brewery chains in Croydon town centre certainly upped the amount of tinsel and pine needles in their premises.

But my quest for the ultimate in Christmas cosiness in Croydon’s pubs was not yet over, with the best (in my opinion) yet to come.

Hearing that they had a real fire, I was drawn next to The Cricketers Arms (47 Shirley Road, CR0 7ER). Continue reading

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Croydon’s cosiest pubs for Christmas: our insider’s guide/1

A roaring open fire in a Croydon pub. Not as easy to find as you might think

Some Guildford-based small-circulation newspapers rely on TripAdviser listings and remote correspondents based in Aberdeen to provide their ‘recommendations’ of places to visit in Croydon. Not here.

We sent the intrepid KEN TOWL out into the winter weather on a mission to discover the cosiest, most Christmassy pubs in Croydon, and he’s just made it back in time for the egg nog

It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. But how?

This could never be an objective survey, but is based on the atmosphere and welcome offered by some of the best pubs in the area, and some of the less well-known. Where could you go, settle down in the warm, and have a cheery chat with some mates this Festive Season? Continue reading

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Croydon’s trees harbour one of the traditions of Christmas

NATURE NOTES: One of the most Christmassy of plants and symbols of the season can be found all around Croydon, as MOIRA O’DONNELL explains

Mistletoe is one of the most Christmassy of plants, and at this time of year will no doubt be featuring prominently in one form or another as we start to decorate our homes and write our Christmas cards.

Outside however, many of Croydon’s trees have already prepared themselves for the festive season and are playing host to spherical balls of mistletoe. Continue reading

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Ruskin House Christmas Party with DJ MJ, Dec 15

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Keep Our St Helier campaign public meeting, Morden, Jan 30

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