Our first ever, Twittered herogram

We promise we will try to make sure it won’t go to our heads.

But before our first full day of publishing notes, thoughts and comments on Inside Croydon, a fellow hyperlocal blogger, Jason Cobb (or @Jason_Cobb, as we have come to know him), posted this message about us on Twitter:

Jason_Cobb OK, so 3rd linkage of the day – but has there been a better start to a #hyperlocal blog? More of the same, please http://bit.ly/dbZvZe

Now Jason, as our regular reader will know, is an old hand at these things, having been doing his Onionbagblog, based in and around SW8, and tackling the vagaries of local council politics in Lambeth since 2003.

So we very much appreciate his kind words, and we’ll probably be calling upon his help and advice on a regular basis, too.

Anyway, the point of this post, beyond a bit of a self-congratulatory w*nk, is to inform you all that you can now follow Inside Croydon’s regular updates, both via an RSS feed on the site (down there towards the bottom of your browser screen somewhere) and on Twitter, where you can find us at the imaginatively named @InsideCroydon.

You can comment on any of the stories posted on the blog, or you can write your own article or suggest a subject for an article, by emailing: insidecroydon@btinternet.com

About insidecroydon

News, views and analysis about the people of Croydon, their lives and political times in the diverse and most-populated borough in London. Based in Croydon and edited by Steven Downes. To contact us, please email inside.croydon@btinternet.com
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