London’s Twitter traffic map shows Croydon as hotspot

Without wishing to name drop (oh, here it comes…), @stephenfry alerted us to this today.

The teccie geniuses at University College London have mapped Twitter traffic throughout the capital, and as well as the obvious spikes – or in this case “mountains” – Croydon, in the Twittersphere as well as topographically, has significant high ground, especially around Selsdon.

Anyone have any suggestions why? Or who is a particularly busy Twitterer there?

To see for yourself, click here: London’s Twitter Traffic Mapped As Contoured Landscape – Londonist.

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3 Responses to London’s Twitter traffic map shows Croydon as hotspot

  1. jowadsworth says:

    er, I’m not sure that being one of @stephenfry’s 1,586,163 followers and mentioning that you’ve read one of his tweets really counts as name-dropping. He doesn’t know who you are, you know.

  2. Well, Jo…

    1, You don’t really know who Stephen Fry may know or not, so to assert it as fact is perhaps a little flawed.

    2, And if you knew anything about search optimisation and traffic driving, you’d realise that the mere mention of words or phrases such as “Twitter” and “Stephen Fry” gratuitously placed in opening paragraphs of online articles tends to draw very much more traffic to the article and site than might otherwise be the case.

    Now why don’t you go back to being mediocre and annoying the good people of Brighton?

  3. cgbeattie says:

    Intriguing behaviour for a website who’s stated aim is to improve the image of Croydon. I found the content of the post intriguing and was curious about the statistics – especially as I’m an avid fan of both Twitter and as it turns out Mr Fry.

    Having read the comments though I’m distinctly less interested in your opinions.

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