How dare he?! Inside Croydon is labelled ‘sober’!

Welcome to any new visitors as a result of Prof Roy Greenslade’s little joust with Andrew Marr in today’s Evening Standard.

A lacky has been dispatched to get the page framed in suitably august style. Greenslade clearly remembers our little story of a month ago or so.

For thems that haven’t seen it, media commentator Greenslade has written:

“…there are hyperlocal sites springing up around the country doing terrific work in holding power to account and, incidentally, exposing the flaws of traditional local newspapers.

“In London, for example, is an excellent little site. I also like and Inside Croydon. I am only touching the surface here, but these are run by concerned, sober citizens acting for the public good and, incidentally, who are compensating for the retreat by ‘big media’.”

Gee, shucks, thanks Roy. First time we’ve ever been called “sober”.

Read the full Greenslade column here: Andrew Marr is wrong — bloggers are good news | Markets & Analysis.

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