No cuts in councillors’ allowances despite PM’s demands

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Prime Minister David Cameron: he wants councils to cut CEO salaries and councillors' allowances

If anyone in Cameron’s Crazy Council bothered watching Prime Minister’s Questions, they will have spotted that twice in the last two weeks, Call Me Dave has referred to local authorities reducing the salaries of their chief executives and cutting allowances to their councillors. It’s all about leading by example when “we’re all in this together”

None of that looks likely to happen anytime soon in Croydon.

Chief executive Jon Rouse, after wielding the axe on 200 council employees last month, is still being paid £195,300.

His right-hand man Nathan Elvery remains on a “mere” £150,167.76.

And our elected councillors have voted themselves the following allowances

(though for now they will continue to claim the lower figures):

  • Leader of the Council – £53,224 to £64,824
    Mike Fisher
  • Deputy Leaders – £46,485 to £48,618
    Dudley Mead
    Tim Pollard
  • Cabinet Members – £43,340 to £45,377
    Sara Bashford
    Simon Hoar
    Margaret Mead
    Vidhi Mohan
    Steve O’Connell
    Jason Perry
    Phil Thomas
  • Chairman of Scrutiny & Overview Committee – £40,957 to £45,377
    Steve Hollands
  • Chief Whip (Majority Group) – £26,627 to £25,930
    Terry Lenton

Much was made yesterday by the controlling Conservative group on the council that they would, again, not take the increases that they had voted for themselves last year because, in the present financial climate, with Council Tax-payers suffering a 20 per cent or more cut in the services that they receive, it would be “inappropriate”.

The estimated £30,000 savings, council leader Mike Fisher suggested, would go towards the part-funding of one of the libraries that his team have been undermining and looking to close.

Yet if the ruling councillors’ allowance increase is “inappropriate” now, it was surely “inappropriate” 12 months ago when the Tory group dutifully voted for it. So why did they?

Croydon’s Tory councillors: proud to serve themselves.

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  1. They get Final Salary Pensions.

    Even if you do not take the cash if your wage has gone up it’s gone up. That will effect your pension, and how much you get.

    So ‘inflation busting pay-rises all round, but we won’t take the cash’ is simply a con. This one is about boosting how much they get in their pensions.

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