Did Christian Bale have any jellied eels in Croydon pie shop?

Christian Bale as Batman. A fan of pie and mash. Apparently

As filming of The Dark Knight Returns has gone on at night time through the week, with Delta Point in West Croydon being passed off as Gotham City (as confirmed by Inside Croydon last week), there have been few star sightings. Except one.

Now, this carries the important caveat that it is decidedly third-hand, and not the sort of thing we would normally report at Inside Croydon. But it is just too good not to share.

Christian Bale.


In Cockneys of Croydon. Really.

Unfortunately, there’s no photographic evidence (it would be rude to take a snap when the bloke’s eating, after all). Nor was it said whether the Hollywood star was eating just pie and mash, or whether he had eels on the side.

And our source forgot to detail whether he was in his Batman costume and make-up.

We believe that the sighting was around dinnerdinnerdinnerdinner time.

If any Inside Croydon reader is able to provide further details…

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