Croydon 8/8: “Go to Job Centre” devastated traders told

Saddening and maddening – as the dust settles on the scandalous behaviour of the rioters on Monday night, Croydon Council (motto: “Proud to Serve”) has managed to step in with its customary aplomb for offending and insulting people, on this occasion some of the victims of the looting and arson.

At the emergency meeting of the Croydon Business Investment District on Wednesday, it was discovered that the stock answer given to devastated traders who were seeking help from their council was: “Go to the Job Centre”.

Such were the complaints from those at the meeting that Jon Rouse, the Council’s chief executive, had to step in to reassure the business people that this advice would be discontinued immediately.

Some might feel it reasonable to ask how it ever came to be offered in the first place, instead of more practical, and less callous, help from Rouse’s organisation?

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4 Responses to Croydon 8/8: “Go to Job Centre” devastated traders told

  1. Arfur Towcrate says:

    According to Money Saving Expert, directing uninsured riot victims to the Job Centre is the thing to do – below is an extract from

    If you don’t have insurance – can you get compensation?

    Many insurance experts say large numbers of homes, cars and businesses affected will not be insured, especially those in deprived areas. However, there may be help available.

    The police/Government must compensate individuals and businesses that suffer loss or damage as a result of a riot, if a claim is made. There is no cap on the level of compensation.

    See our separate Riot compensation scheme MSE news story for full details.

    If you don’t have insurance – crisis loans

    If you’re struggling, there are two main types of loan available from the Government’s Social Fund that can give out up to £1,500. These may be able to provide you with interest-free borrowing rather than getting any commercial debt.

    Crisis loans are for emergencies or disasters, and to help stop serious damage or risk to you or your family’s health and safety. You don’t need to be in receipt of benefits to get them.

    Budgeting loans are only for benefit-recipients, but allow a wider range of borrowing. For instance, to pay for clothes and furnishing.

    To apply, fill in the Department of Work & Pension’s claim form for the crisis loan or budgeting loan and take it into your nearest Job Centre.

    • We understand that if the events of Monday are formally declared to have been “a riot”, then the traders affected can be compensated by the police.

      Rest assured: it won’t be a quick process, and delays in settlement could finish off affected businesses.

  2. mraemiller says:

    Cameron announced it an official riot in Parliament yesterday

    Uninsured can claim compensation under the Riot Damages Act
    Claim deadline extended from 14 to 42 days


    Wandsworth have announced grants for traders to help them repair and rebuild. Come on Croydon Council, put your hand in your pocket!

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