Absent MP Ottaway doesn’t know what day it is

Croydon South‘s MP is not just absent in body, it seems, but absent minded, too.

Ottaway: red-faced again

All the clues about when the rioting and civil disorder took place, with repeated references to “Croydon 8/8”, and which anyone who lives in the borough will remember was a Monday, seem to have escaped the attention of the veteran MP. Maybe he had too much on his mind planning the weekend’s yachting down at Cowes?

For on his website – which is believed to be funded from public money, since one thing Ottaway is good at is ensuring that he claims for absolutely everything – there is an item which says:

Date Filed:  Thursday, August 11, 2011:

Richard Ottaway, Conservative MP for Croydon South, has given an update on the latest position in Croydon following the terrible events of Tuesday night.” [our italics]

Finger on the pulse, eh, Cap’n?

Inside Croydon‘s regular reader writes to say: “Enjoyed the piece written about the politicians but noticed you had omitted to report that Ottaway’s site wrote of the rioting on Tuesday evening.

“Perhaps you could suggest he employs people for what they know rather than who they know?”

Whatever could they mean?

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  1. ndavies144 says:

    Why is this surprising? Croydon South would elect a bag of chips if it came with a blue rosette attached. When he finally comes to draw his pension (having tried to deny the rest of us in the public service ours) CCHQ will doubtless parachute in another hopeless case in need of a safe seat.

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