Croydon short-changed over government’s school cash

More missed opportunities, more cash scorned by Croydon, it seems.

The ConDem government has just divvied out an extra £500 million to help local councils with the pressures of growing school pupil numbers, a problem being felt particularly acutely in Croydon. It has not been established whether the government intends for any of that cash to be used to buy bicycles for four-year-olds to get into the commuting habit (click here for our earlier story).

Croydon’s share of this new source of funds? £7.9 million.

Compare this to Sutton, which is not much more than half the size of Croydon as measured by population: our neighbouring outer London borough is to receive more than £12 million, or 50 per cent more than Croydon.

Is it another case where Sutton’s Liberal Democrat MPs are better at lobbying their own government than Croydon’s pair of Tory MPs?

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1 Response to Croydon short-changed over government’s school cash

  1. And don’t forget the loss of the £350 million Labour had set aside for us under Buliding Schools For The Future.

    Contrary to what Gavin Barwell claims with his bizarre and inaccurate Alistair Darling ‘guess’ Labour would have made sure we got as much of that as possible. My guess is even with cuts we would have seen a good £200 million. Not the paltry £8 million Michael Gove has given us instead.

    You get what you vote for sadly. Vote Tory, get under-investing skinflints.

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