Councillor Hilley backs Inside Croydon crossing campaign

Croydon Conservatives back Inside Croydon‘s campaigns on rubbish and pedestrian crossings – with TfL now trying to remove two crossings in Coulsdon

Some of Croydon’s leading political figures have this week endorsed Inside Croydon‘s stance on a couple of important local issues, with Gavin Barwell MP acknowledging that the streets of the borough are not being adequately cleaned, and local councillor Clare Hilley setting up a petition to support our campaign to save a pedestrian crossing on a dangerous stretch of the Purley Way.

Councillor Hilley-George: following Inside Croydon's lead on the pedestrian crossing in Waddon

In something of a departure for construction PR specialist Hilley – whose focus is usually on her own political ambitions within the Tory youth organisation and women’s groups, or sidling up to the human rights abusing regime in China – the councillor for Waddon ward has actively taken an interest in a local issue.

“We disagree with TfL [Transport for London] that this crossing should be removed as a lot of residents who live in neighbouring roads namely The Ridgeway, Court Drive, Waddon Court Road, Alton Road and Waddon Park Avenue use it a lot to cross the busy and sometimes dangerous Purley Way,” she wrote a week after Inside Croydon had broken the news.

A serious concern is Hilley’s claim that “neither the Council nor my ward colleagues or myself being notified” by TfL.

This indicates that either Transport for London was falling down on the job, or that she and her Tory ward colleagues are not on top of their brief.

This ought to be doubly worrying. In charge of TfL, after all, is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Is Hilley saying that Boris is not up to the task?

The alternative is that Hilley and her Croydon Conservative colleagues are failing residents, especially when you consider that one of the other councillors for Waddon ward is Simon Hoar, who receives around £45,000 per year as the council’s cabinet member for “community safety”. Surely he should be right up to speed with any TfL schemes in and around Croydon?

We recommend that Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader contacts and as a matter of urgency to express their concerns over this important, life-saving matter.

Hoar, in particular, may need to be advised that TfL, as it pursues Boris Johnson’s aim of “smoothing traffic flow” at the expense of pedestrian safety, is looking to remove two more crossings in Croydon.

In case Hoar did not know, TfL has issued consultative notices for two crossings in Coulsdon. One of the crossings is on a narrow slip road that leads to the Coulsdon by-pass. On the one random day in December when TfL monitored the crossing (is this even statistically reliable methodology?), it was unused by pedestrians.

The other crossing is on the Brighton Road (as indicated on the TfL map above).

As with the crossing on the Purley Way, since the pelican crossing is only activated by pedestrians who want to cross the road, maintaining it will only halt traffic when a member of the public needs to cross the road at that point and it therefore provides an important public safety amenity. Removing it will needlessly incur unnecessary expense from the public purse.

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