Snow patrol: council demonstrates some true grit

Croydon got back to work this morning almost unaffected by Saturday night’s snowfall, in marked contrast to the disruption and delay suffered during and after last winter’s snows.

Of course, commuters using trains into London were subjected to some delays, with inevitable lame excuses from the train operators about “freezing” conditions affecting services.

But on the whole, Croydon’s road network seemed to have been kept clear over the weekend, and there were even sightings on Sunday afternoon of properly equipped council teams out gritting the pavements to try to ameliorate the worst effects of any overnight freezing. This was in marked contrast to the efforts which the council scrambled together in November 2010. Perhaps keeping the council under closer scrutiny is having some impact.

Croydon’s side roads, though, remained largely untouched, prompting the council press office to warn residents with Monday refuse collections to expect delays.

The weekend’s weather was nowhere near as bad as November 2010, obviously, and the snow falling overnight in the middle of the weekend also reduced the disruption caused.

It has to be said, though, that Croydon council appeared much better prepared, having learned the lessons. Gritting on the major routes had been going on for more than a week.

The remaining issue is undoubtedly the state of pavements and footpaths. In past times, when there were still some roadsweepers working in the borough, they could have been expected to be kitted out with salt and would have looked after the pedestrian areas and some residential side streets.

Inside Croydon‘s loyal reader observed: “Interesting that TfL can kep the tram stops clear, but Croydon Council doesn’t touch the pavements next to them.”

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1 Response to Snow patrol: council demonstrates some true grit

  1. ndavies144 says:

    Coulsdon is not too bad really.

    We went down to the pub about 1pm and they’d gritted the pavements by the shops and from the Lion Green Rd car park towards the town. When we came back a bit later they were doing the stretch outside the schools in Portnalls Road.

    Coulsdon South station and forecourt were fine this morning thanks to the railway and taxi firm, but nobody had thought to grit the heavily used pavement from the town up to the station, or indeed on any residential streets.

    Monday is bin day round here and ours was done at the usual time, but it isn’t wheeloe bin week: I suspect if it was it would have been a bit more challenging.

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