Farting cows not good enough reason to go vegan, says UKIP

UKIP has urged Croydon’s two Conservative MPs to look at the scientific evidence before going into Croydon schools to promote climate change as part of “Climate Week”.

Climate Week: So much hot air?

Climate Week describes itself as a campaign of “annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change”.

Running from March 12 to March 18, the campaign has big corporate backers including Tesco, Nissan, H&M and EdF Energy. The campaign is especially concerned about carbon emissions and promotes “low-carbon meals”. It suggests that high emission dairy and meat products should be reduced or cut out, in favour of vegan or vegetarian meals.

Essentially the campaign is concerned with the methane produced by the world’s flatulent cattle.

Peter Staveley, chairman of Croydon’s UKIP, wants to remind the MPs that for some scientists, “Both theoretical and empirical evidence is overwhelming that CO2 will create no more than a very marginal increase in temperature – far less than changes due to the various solar cycles of the last few thousand years.”

Staveley is concerned that carbon emission restrictions will limit economic growth in poor countries and thus worries that although “the intentions of the vast majority of those involved in ‘Climate Change Week’ are very good, a policy to limit CO2 emissions will cause
poverty in the developed world and deaths, probably in the millions, in the developing countries.”

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2 Responses to Farting cows not good enough reason to go vegan, says UKIP

  1. The developing world will only get hurt if they follow in our catastrophic footsteps, they be best placed to come up with new technology and new solutions to the problems facing the whole world.
    “A very marginal increase in temperature” is what it’s come to now , it’s almost too late, it’s now or never – Peter Staveley and UKIP and it’s supporters needs to look at the evidence with their glasses on. Playing lipservice to oil industry propaganda is a luxury only those on the edges of politics have the luxury to indulge in

  2. richmoly says:

    What’s Stavely on about, we’re not talking about CO2… as the article states, cows give off methane, a much more potent greenhouse gas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_potential#Values

    What about all the deaths from following a meat-based diet, the starving millions who could be fed on the crops used as fodder, the huge waste of land and water, the pollution, the deforestation, flooding, not to mention animal suffering, etc., etc.?

    I’m just surprised that Stavely didn’t blame ‘Johnny foreigner’ for causing climate change, UKIP blame immigrants or the EU for everything else.

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