Council gets all a’Twitter about something called… democracy

A letter arrives at Inside Croydon Towers. It is addressed from Taberner House.

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What could it be? An invite to join Jon Rouse for cocktails on his return from his summer sojourn to Tuscany, perhaps?

A substantial discount on our Council Tax bill for all the services we are no longer receiving?

Or could it be something even more surprising? Judge for yourself…

Keeping local people informed

New World Democratic Engagement
@CROYDemocracy is a new Twitter account set up to promote democratic participation. It will be tweeting information, news links and promoting consultations, community and council meetings. It will be administered by staff in the council’s Democratic Services Team.

The purpose is to ensure residents are aware of all the ways in which they can participate and influence decisions about their local services. Communication is the key – when communities are unaware of proposals which will affect their environment, it is to be expected that people feel excluded and ignored. This is ONE way in which more local people can be made aware of developments as they arise, so they can take part in the democratic process and ensure their voices are heard.

@CROYDemocracy is non-party political and will highlight information which is being published, regardless of viewpoints. We will aim to provide all sides of debates without prejudice.

“Non-party political”? No influence at all from the party in control of the council? Really?

“Provide all sides of debates without prejudice”? What, like the purportedly apolitical Mayor whose day job is working for a Tory MP?

This is an intriguing development, and potentially a welcome one – although how this will manage to serve those many Croydon residents who don’t have smart phones, hyperfast broadband or Twitter accounts is left unexplained.

It is, clearly, a low-cost effort to redress the well-earned reputation the council has for failing to communicate effectively, or fairly. The aspiration towards the perception of balance will be a difficult one to achieve, at least in 140 characters.

And we, like you, loyal reader, will be watching closely. Very closely.

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  1. Is this proof that Croydon Council is undemocratic? But then we knew that didn’t we. Our elected Council has never listened to the electorate..

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