London Road prepares for a Festival of Cultures

Next Monday sees the beginning of a week’s worth of activities all building towards the London Road Carnival of Cultures on Sunday September 23.

Lives Not Knives is holding a couple of workshops, for teenagers and for adults, on Monday, September 17. Click here for more information.

Other activities during the week can be found on the West London Community Forum website, while plans for the day of the festival include:

  • Stage show
  • Carnival parade
  • Steel bands
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Martial arts demonstration
  • Traditional dancing from around the world
  • Jazz singers
  • Arts & crafts
  • Stalls
  • Fairground rides
  • Barbecue
  • Food & drink

“The Carnival will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talent and resources of the area and we hope you’ll be there,” the organisers say.

For more information about the Carnival, please contact the Chair of the Festival Group, Coleen Speid, email:, tel: 020 8665 6414, or Ganapathy 07438 835040.

Festival special offers from shops and businesses along London Road and close by will also be included in the brochure and on the website.

To find out more, or to register your event or special offer, please email

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1 Response to London Road prepares for a Festival of Cultures

  1. The locals around here get conned every time, but we don’t have a complete monopoly on foolishness. This carnival is a idiotic attempt by state funded volunteer quangos to keep us distracted while they pocket funds to pay for their own meaningless jobs and houses in France.
    This carnival is the last act of a year long freak show that’s been 2012, the year we were entertained non stop so that our children did not riot again.
    Distractions before swinging cuts to universal credit and housing end the urban way of life forever in this country. We have kept our best traditions from back home going; spending time with family, seeing young ones grow up and having an active vibrant community that celebrates sports, dance, art and music.
    Come Monday, as the PM has put it we’ll be given a hand up not a hand onto a National express bus to a northern ghetto where housing is way cheaper than the overpriced southern ghetto we’ll be leaving behind. But the quango’s won’t be worried about losing their flock because Croydon is an importer of foreign speaking huddled masses who they will then pretend to represent without fearing any difficult questions will be asked of them and making it easier for them to keep making an easy killing for themselves.

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