Croydon North by-election: Reed wins with 65% vote share

Party Votes % share
% change from 2010
Steve Reed,     Labour 15,898 64.7% +8.7%
Andy Stranack, Conservative 4,137 16.8% -7.3%
Winston McKenzie, UKIP 1,400 5.7% +4.0%
Marisha Ray,      Liberal Democrats   860 3.5% -10.5%
Shasha Khan,   Green Party   855 3.5% +1.5%
Lee Jasper, Respect (George Galloway)   707 2.9% +2.4%
Stephen Hammond, Christian People’s Alliance   192 0.8% -0.3%
Richard Edmonds, National Front   161 0.7%
Ben Stevenson, Communist   119 0.5% +0.2%
John Cartwright, Monster Raving Loony   110 0.4%
Simon Lane,       9/11 was inside job    66 0.3%
Robin Smith,    Young People’s    63 0.3%
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5 Responses to Croydon North by-election: Reed wins with 65% vote share

  1. Steve Reed got 15,898 (not 15,892). The last few digits were drowned out by cheering and the arrogant Mayor was stupid enough not to repeat them.

    • Thanks, John. Duly corrected.

      Given the machine of state behind it and the need for democracy having to be seen to be done, it was notable how badly covered was the delivery of the result. Croydon was the last of three by-elections to deliver the outcome of its count, even with just 1-in-4 voters bothering to vote.

      By that time, the local press was scuttling off without delivering the full results. As far as the BBC and Sky News was concerned, Croydon North didn’t count, as it were, as the result was not covered. And worse: our Croydon Council no where bothered to post the result immediately.

      Two other things, John: our great Mayor stupid and arrogant? Surely not Eddy Arram?

      And don’t you find it a bit creepy that Andrew Pelling managed to predict your result exactly? Does he know each of your voters by name?

  2. Congratulations Inside Croydon on your exemplary coverage of the Croydon North by-election, culminating in a 3am posting of the result in more detail than I’ve seen anywhere else.
    And now the fun begins: I look forward to hearing Mr Reed’s maiden speech in the House of Commons.
    According to one of your many detailed campaign despatches, the new MP has promised to castigate Croydon Council for its abandonment of the residents and businesses of London Road.
    This act of municipal vandalism, perpetrated by Messrs Fisher and Rouse, is infinitely more calculating than the original riot and richly deserves the national approbrium it is about to receive.
    Go for it Steve, defy Parliamentary convention and let ‘em have it – both barrels.

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