Taberner House lights up Croydon for one final time

An email from Michael Buckley, who describes himself as “a very long-term Addiscombe resident”, whizzes in to Inside Croydon Towers to praise Croydon Council for illuminating windows around Taberner House to fashion a seasonal Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas Croydon

Happy Christmas Croydon

“Surely this must be the last year that the council has the opportunity to decorate our Iconic building with the famous Christmas tree?” Buckley writes.

Buckley anticipates that once the council’s £140million new HQ building opens on CostUsAMint Walk in 2013, such displays of extravagance on Taberner House will be a thing of the past.

He congratulates the council, saying, “Well done for taking this and in reviving a long-term custom, lost for the last few years due to internal building alterations.

“It’s great to see it back again – on the north elevation while angels sleep it is clear that just a few are still keeping the borough moving – isn’t that the CEO’s office?”

It may well be, Michael, though on past form there’s no guarantee that the CEO is present and working there, even at times of Croydon’s greatest crises.

Happy new year, Croydon.

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2 Responses to Taberner House lights up Croydon for one final time

  1. I know we are living in difficult times, but the choices Croydon Council seems to have cheerfully made in 2012 have left me reeling. With this in mind, I hope I won’t be condemned as a Scrooge but…

    I’d trade all the many Christmas lights in the Borough for one front-line worker’s salary.

    I think it is an affront for Croydon Council to show this “Christmas Cheer” message towering over all the destitute people who queue at the nightly soup kitchen in Queen’s Gardens.

    I cannot believe that Councillors feel unfairly attacked for being held to account when they break the law regarding B&B temporary accommodation. Held to account? They should be individually and collectively taken to court. How can they justify building themselves a new “Because We’re Worth It” HQ when they are failing to provide the accommodation needed by the people they are supposed to serve?

    There was an outcry when Allianz Global said they might be forced to leave Croydon because they couldn’t attract “middle class” employees. But take out those two pejorative words – middle class – and, instead, think about how Croydon Council is walking… running… away from anything to do with the arts and culture and anything which could make Croydon special. You have to ask why people who are looking for a full and rounded life would choose to move to Croydon.

    Christmas displays just don’t work if the message they convey lacks two essentials: honesty and integrity.

  2. Abso – bloody – lutely.

    Well said, John.

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