The statement to West Croydon Community from Clive Locke

This is the unedited text of a statement prepared by Clive Locke, the founder chairman of the West Croydon Community Forum, for its meeting staged at CVA last week:

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to, the community of West Croydon, in allowing me to represent you over the last six months.

CVA logoAs your elected chair, I’m sure everybody here is wondering what has been happening over the last six months to which I have produced a report and a letter from myself informing you all what has happened. My report which I am sad to say has not been posted, or communicated to you, although instructed.

Basically in the steering group we have set out eight priorities to which we have been actively working on to find answers.

I have a copy here and you are all welcome to read it

Election Process
I would like to announce to you that the election process and the posted constitution are flawed and without hesitation, I can announce that my position as your elected chair has been totally undermined, dismissed and has not followed any democratic process, whatsoever.

This election process that has been presented to you and promoted has in no way been approved by myself your elected chair. It has been directed without any courtesy or interaction by a member, present here tonight, who has taken it upon himself to produce, without any elective position, “the election process”, we have not had, to date, any guide or constitution, which is fundamental in guiding myself, your elected chair in this election process. I therefore, call this election void.

Since being chair, from September, I have been requesting the writing of the WCCF constitution, this has not been done. This is why we now find ourselves in this confusing situation, where it has been reported to me via several members, that the election process is totally flawed.

Members here tonight, may wonder why we need a constitution. Why can’t we mange it as we go along? The reason for this is it is a question of credibility to which the WCCF must hold as paramount or foundation to the community. Due to the riots others are looking at West Croydon (WCCF) to which we must be seen as credible.

This area or community, for too long, has been dumped on, which I suggest led to the troubles of 2011. The need for a set of guideline rules (the constitution) will open doors to funding, credibility, accountability, transparency and direction, which in turn will make the WCCF credible to all its future dealings.

Finally, I was elected to this position to present to you my findings and attempt to start a process of positivity, creativity and foundation principles which this community deserves.

In the six months that I have held this position (my watch) , I have come up against considerable hurdles, egos and other agendas to which I can tell you are confusing and make the WCCF look like it is a closed shop to the community. This is not what I intend. A constitution, I hope, will clear the air, allowing fragile people in the community to come to the table as strangers and go away friends.

I have to add, that the CVA have directed and promoted this flawed election process. This is something I find very disappointing as they should be our partners, assisting and supporting us on a professional level and this is something which has not happened.

With sincerity and openness, I will ask you all present to ask questions on all of the above points as I am of the understanding that people here tonight are also unhappy with the process, which further confirms the need for a guiding constitution.

Clive Locke

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