Croydon Central open primary: Kusum Parashar

Kusum Parashar is a Southall resident and a former adult education lecturer.

Kusum Parashar

Kusum Parashar

Active in Labour’s successful targeting of Ealing’s diverse communities, Parashar emphasises what she sees as Ed Miliband’s green credentials.

“I am standing for worker’s rights in getting a decent living wage and not just a minimum wage, fairness, equality and justice for all and not for just the few,” Parashar told Inside Croydon.

“This Tory-led coalition government has broken many promises as they don’t care for ordinary people of the country. They are far out of touch from ordinary people, unemployed youths, sick and old, women and children, disabled and all.

“This coalition government has trebled the university fees which the LibDems said they wouldn’t. LibDems campaigned against the VAT rise, but they put up VAT.

“Their interest is only in the millionares to make deals and take fast buck and don’t bother with the poor, old, sick and decent working citizens. The fight will go on till people and the workers get their fair genuine rights of a decent living wage and improvements in their standards of living.”

Otherwise, Parashar’s lobbying of local Labour party members has been very low-key, and she and is not expected to progress.

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2 Responses to Croydon Central open primary: Kusum Parashar

  1. kusumparashar says:

    This “Inside Croydon ” is an excellent way of getting through to people and speaking on Radio is also very efficient.

    Why is it that the main policies of the Party concerning ordinary people are not publicised but just the candidature and the profiles are ?

    Any way, Whoever gets selected people will vote for party’s policies and not so much for the candidate and her personality. Kusum Parashar is not climbing an easy pole but her track record of party campaigning and political work, as well as community work, in a very diverse and multicultural community where she also had been living and still lives has proved that kusum can be an excellent MP to stand and to represent Croydon residents as a Labour representative in House of Commons. Thank you all very much, indeed.

    • Simple answer, Kusum: because the selection process is news, and news that directly affects Croydon.

      When any party makes policy announcements or changes that involve Croydon, we report that, too.

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