Lloyd Park to host the 2014 British Open – at disc golf

A national sports championship is coming to Croydon.

Disc Golf British OpenDisc golf’s British Open is to be staged at Lloyd Park over the first weekend of May.

Yes, disc golf. A form of target Frisbee-ing, played around a 18-“hole” course using specially made baskets as the targets instead of holes, following the principles of golf in which the fewest shots for each round wins.

According to the British Disc Golf Association – yes, there is one; a bid for Olympic status can surely not be far off – says that, “Disc Golf can be enjoyed from school age to old age, making it an excellent lifetime sport. It’s easy to play at a basic level, so you can enjoy it from day one. It’s easy on the pocket too, so you can still play if you have a tight budget.”

And: “There are thousands of disc golf courses around the world – it truly is an international sport.”

Lloyd Park has staged tournaments each year, often featuring world champion players, such as “Nate Doss”, which we are assured is not a name made up in honour of Kate Moss for the purposes of playing in Croydon.

Golf discs differ from regular Frisbees, being smaller and relatively heavy. “A professional disc golfer…” they have professionals? Like people who do this for money? “… will carry maybe 12 to 15 golf discs, including a range of ‘drivers’, ‘approaches’, and ‘putters’. Some discs are designed to turn right, some turn left, and some even fly straight,” the BDGA says.

Croydon Disc Golf Club welcomes newcomers every Sunday morning, at 10am by the 18th “green” (close to the corner of the park between Lloyd Park Avenue and Coombe Lane, not too far from the tram stop), where they can borrow a suitable disc and give the game a go.

With a bit of practice, you might even be up to playing in the British Open in May…

Coming to Croydon

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