Storm warning at Altitude 25 as ‘lethal’ metal falls from tower

Croydon’s tallest tower block needed the police and the fire brigade to be called out overnight, to secure loose metal fittings outside the unsold penthouse flat at Altitude 25.

Croydon's tallest building has had a flaky history

Croydon’s tallest building has had a “flaky” history

With further storms and high winds forecast for the coming days, contractors were on site this morning in an effort to secure the building, after pieces of aluminium had broken off, some reportedly landing nearly a quarter of a mile away at Addiscombe Grove. The local residents’ association alerted the authorities to the problem.

“If they had hit a pedestrian or a passing car, it would have been lethal,” an eye-witness told Inside Croydon.

Altitude 25 is positioned just a short walk away from the Fairfield Halls and from East Croydon Station, which are visited by tens of thousands of commuters and theatre-goers every day, and the tower overlooks the busy Barclay Road dual carriageway.

“They need to get the building properly secured quickly. Otherwise, they could be looking at closing the A232 to traffic to avoid any accidents,” another local said.

This afternoon, Croydon Council refused to confirm that the building had been issued with a dangerous structure notice, although it has been suggested that this week’s incident of pieces of the prestige building falling from the structure is not the first occasion recently that Town Hall officials have had to intervene.

The 290-foot-tall Altitude 25 on Fairfield Road, and the neighbouring Latitude 25 low-rise development, have had a flaky history since opening in 2009. The developers initially struggled to sell many of the 196 apartments, when some – including the 25th floor penthouses – were originally put on the market for more than £1 million.

Checks of estate agents’ websites show that some of the million-pound flats have since been “snapped up” for barely half that price, while the management has struggled to resolve recurring issues over water pressure to some of the flats in the tower, and owner-occupiers have complained about their properties becoming de-valued as other residents have rented out their flats as venues for raves and even sex parties.

This week’s news about the building’s safety is unlikely to enhance the properties’ values, either.

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6 Responses to Storm warning at Altitude 25 as ‘lethal’ metal falls from tower

  1. I asked the concierge at Altitude 25 about this, he said he has not heard about this and any police or fire brigade would have contact them in the first instance.

    • How odd. Because the people we spoke to at the council, the local residents and local residents’ associations were quite clear that they had seen the fire brigade, the police and contractors attend, and that this was not the first time there have been problems with Altitude 25 in stormy weather.

      Stay warm and safe when the 60mph gusts blow in in the next day or so.

      • The concierge has reviewed the CCTV footage and no-one came on Feb 5th overnight.
        And No repair work was carried out next day.
        This can be proved with the help of CCTV footage.

      • As a concerned resident, I followed up your comments with the concierges. They told me that Inside Croydon was the first they had heard of it the issue… they reviewed the CCTV from the night in question and couldn’t find any evidence of anyone coming, and they got in touch with the council and the council said they have no record of anyone coming out. I’ve been offered the opportunity to review the CCTV from that evening if I was interested and they said they’ve contact you offering the same.

      • We have checked with the Concierge who has the cctv footage which shows no one has entered in the building. There was no work carried out next day.
        Please send out your rep from Mon- Friday 8am-8pm so we can ask concierge to review cctv in his/her presence.

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