Croydon Tory official justifies racist tweet by using ‘N’ word

Croydon Conservatives have failed to apologise for, or take disciplinary action over, the racist tweets of Anne Piles, a member of their executive committee and prominent supporter of parliamentary candidates Gavin Barwell, Chris Philp and Vidhi Mohan.

Anne Piles, front left, "Backing Barwell" at the start of the election campaign with Croydon's three Tory parliamentary candidates - Vidhi Mohan (North), Barwell and Chris Philp (South)

Anne Piles, front left, “Backing Barwell” at the start of the election campaign with Croydon’s three Tory parliamentary candidates – Vidhi Mohan (North), Barwell and Chris Philp (South)

And without any sanction from her political pals, Giles – as she is also sometimes known – has tried to justify her racism by taking to Twitter again.

This time, she used the “N” word.

“Giles is an absolute disgrace, and those suggesting that she is a ‘frail old lady’ are making excuses for her blatant racism,” one leading BME community activist told Inside Croydon.

We apologise to all readers for any offence which may be caused, but to demonstrate Piles’ ignorance, we will be reproducing some of her latest racist tweets below. In 2015, it has to be seen to be believed that anyone would use such hate-filled language and think they have done nothing wrong.

Piles’s role within the local Tory organisation ought not be played down. As well as serving on the important executive, the Selsdon resident was also part of the selection committee which chose Philp for the job-for-life as Conservative candidate in Croydon South.

Last month, Inside Croydon reported how Piles had sent a tweet: “Gypsies generally live in shit anyway”.

Widely criticised for this, nearly 10 days after our report, Piles was back on social media on April 28.

Trying to justify her remarks, Giles tweeted:

How Ane Piles sought to justify her racist traveller tweet...

How Anne Piles sought to justify her racist traveller tweet…

... and on she goes, apparently unaware that it is 2015 and such language is so offensive

... with this tweet, apparently unaware that such language is so offensive

“Giles has never apologised for her disgusting remark about travellers. These latest tweets highlight that she is trying to justify what she has said and, therefore, she stands by her offensive comment,” our community activist said.

“To use the ‘N’ word has left me gobsmacked. This woman, who is an executive committee member of Croydon Conservatives and has a role in selecting parliamentary candidates, finds it acceptable to use a term that was used to brutalise and dehumanise people of African origin. ‎

“Cameron was in Croydon last month boasting that the first non-white PM will be a Tory. If the Conservative party, including Croydon MP Gavin Barwell and soon-to-be MP Chris Philp, continue to pander to people like Giles and give them positions of power, they will continue to remain a toxic and nasty party in Croydon and beyond.

“With people like Giles around, it’s no surprise there are no black Tory councillors in Croydon. A black Tory prime minister looks a very long way off.”

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